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I don’t think early Native Americans even ate salty corn chips or spoke like Scooby Doo, did they!?!

Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: Pomegranites, it’s what’s for dinner!

I have a confession to make - ready? - here it goes:


I'd much rather push an old-fashioned reel (no gas) lawn mower through a field of sticky balls than have to spend half the day in a supermarket.

Grocery shopping - besides doing laundry and prenatal/postpartum hemorrhoids - has to be the worst pains-in-the-ass there is.

For a mom (or, dad) food shopping sucks and anyone who tells you different is either lying, doesn't have kids or just nucking futs!


When was the last time you went food shopping and - after two hours of standing, being bumped, poked and asked to move, having to excuse yourself, or reach things other people can't and blowing more than two-thirds of your budget...on cereal, cleaning products, laundry detergent, toilet paper, pet food and water...alone - left the store feeling all warm and if you could do it all over again!?!

But, you will - perhaps as soon as the next day - and if you are a mom (or, dad) well...BOOYAH!...people have nerve to wonder why we look know...bitchy?
NOT today.

In fact - seeing as I was showered, dressed and wearing makeup before 9:00 a.m. - I was in a pretty good mood and looked know...sort of, good.

Got done in record time - an hour and a half - and unloaded my 112 items (as I later read on my receipt) onto the conveyor belt and I believe I was even...whistling...a little.


[snapping her gum]

"WOW...that's a lot of food...what are you...feeding an army!?!"

"Um...yeah...I guess so..."

I don't know about you...but, I have this small internal voice that typically tells me to, "Back off," or, "Best keep quiet," and "Why not quit while your ahead," in these types of situations.

But, as my husband so fondly refers to...sooner or later...the crazy's got come out!

[rolls eyes]

" at all that must like to eat a lot of Cheerios...huh!?!"

[does she NOT hear the warning bells?]

"Only when it's on sale."

[rolls eyes some more]
"And you're is this called...

[leafs through flyer]
Oh...pomegranites...EWWW...I don't think I've ever eaten one...who the hell eats pomegranites!?!"

"Ah,'s not like that, at husband and I just use the juice...and we rub it all overselves at night...great for the libido!"

[blank stare]
"Uh...[snapping gum]...okay...what's a libido!?!"

Morale of the story: There's just no shocking some, STOP TRYING...DAMMIT!

Anybody want a piece of my pomegranites!?!

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