HALP! I've Fallen & Can't Stop Leaving Stupid Voicemails!
I'm not over the hill -- I'm just
stuck in a sand dune, or something!



If you were to ask me to sum up this entire winter, using just one color, I would paint you a less than prettiful picture and describe the feeling as being similar to the consistency of pea soup.


Seems like we've had a sick kid in the house, every weekend, since Christmas break and maybe because, you know...we have...had a sick kid...in the house...since Christmas break.

This week, it was my youngest's turn (she's 9) which, considering she is the youngest (i.e. been there, done that, easily entertained) a case of strep throat doesn't sound like such a big deal, really.

Unless, she is the kid who NEVER gets sick.

Aaaand, then, she'll spike fevers (always at night) and nearly drown in her own mucus (ditto) thick enough to plaster the walls, twice, to the extent where I am actually afraid of leaving her alone, or even bother with getting dressed.

"I'm bored!"

"Why don't you paint something?"

"But, I can't find a paint brush."

Then, finally, a glimpse of normality and, well, although our lives are not always perfect (okay, more like never) and I won't be voted the bestest, most craftiest mom, anytime soon (if, ever) I can at least try and focus on the beauty of simple, little things, again, or today, anyways.

Like, being thankful that I did NOT throw away that old glass vase...afterall.

Or, this one.  Even if we still can't find a dagnab paint brush, to save my gosh-darned life...dagnabit!

Gee, I wonder what Martha Stewart would do?

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