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Wordless Wednesday: The Reflection Board

D'OH! A Deer!

Liz and Garth (NHRN) at Jayne and Paul'sReason #3,922,199 why I love Garth (not his real name) for his gorgeous eyes, of course!

My husband and I recently reconnected with his cousin and I was excited to be invited to their holiday party (the hubs, too!)

Beeeecause, they really are a great couple (and they invited us back, anyway?) my cousin-in-law Jayne LOVES to dance (me, too!) and I've heard that they do awesome holiday.

Aaaaand, they did.

The Sax Guy
But, this guy right here BLEW (buh-dum-bum) and single-handed-ly (mouth-ly, lip-ly, whatev) managed to put us in an awesome holiday-ish mood.


The next day, when it was time to pick up our kids.   That is to say, we were happy to see our kids (of course!)

The prospect of having to drive northbound on the Garden State Parkway (towards New York, if you're not from Jersey) on the last weekend before Christmas (when everyone and their mother is on their way home, too) um, not so much.

So, we took "the back roads" and I bet you dollars to donuts you didn't think Jersey had back roads.


Or, deer, right?

We were introduced to 3 of them, up close and all personal like (so, how YOU doin'?) and, thanks to my husband's cat-like reflexes (also, the fact that he was driving and NOT me) the slowest one of the group is probably still limping.

After loosening his ninja-death-grip on the steering wheel and making sure everyone was okay-ish, Garth (NHRN) got out to check the front of the car.

"No damage, we must have just bumped that last one."

The irony that we just picked my husband's car from the shop earlier that day, or the fact that, once the shock wore off, my son seemed to be more concerned about the deer.


Rather than the fact that it could have been much, much worse, was lost on no one.

"They sort of looked like Santa's reindeer."

Especially me, since Rudolph hit MY SIDE of the car.

"Well, he did sort of fly over us."

[blink, blink, blink]

Stupid holidaze, dumbass deer.

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