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Good Prom Dress Hunting


I promised my oldest that we would go prom dress hunting this weekend (SOB!) and just so there was no question on whether or not she would keep me to that promise, see pic above.

So, when my husband Garth (not his real name) and I got back from taking Doofus-Dawg to the dog park yesterday afternoon (whole other blog post, will save it for another time, you're welcome!) the girls and I headed out to the mall.

Actually, it was Holly's idea to invite her sisters along (NOT MINE!) and, well, if you have EVER had the pleasure of shopping with teenagers (bonus points if they happened to be girls) then, you know.

Even my youngest was all, like, "You mean you WANT me to go prom dress shopping with you, on purpose?!?"

At 10 years-old she knows:  going to senior prom is a REALLY BIG DEAL.  She's a girl.  They figure this sort of stuff out REAL FAST.  Trust me.  I've got 3 of them (girls, I mean) and they talk, you know?

Still, shopping in the junior's department can be a little scary.  Plus, I've heard stories.

You know, from other moms who've come back from prom dress hunting all battered, bruised and barely on speaking terms with their daughters claiming, "Oh, the hor-ruh of some of these dresses" and/or "Shopping for my wedding dress was much, much eee-zee-uh!"

Really?  I don't remember.  Then again, I've seen some of the prom dresses being posting on Facebook and, well, I'm guessing my daughter felt she needed the back up.

"Here mom, you sit, we'll help Holly pick some dresses."

Kids are just so much more savvy, especially about this sort of stuff, than when I was going to school.  You know, back when we used to party with Fred Flintstone?

Holly Prom Shop 3
Well, that was a lot less painful than we thought. Thank you Baby Jesus!

An hour later, we happened upon THE PERFECT DRESS and no one was more surprised than me!

"Soooo, how many did she hafta try on before picking that one?"

Except, for maybe the OTHER mothers, looking a little more than frazzled, waiting impatiently outside of their daughters' dressing rooms.

"Oh, I dunno, five, maybe six?"

They ALL shook their heads in disbelief (I kid you not) and then started tearing through the rack I had just hung the rest of the dresses on.

"My 10 year-old was the one who found it AND showed it to her."

True story.  Watch out Rachel Zoe.  This kid is going to make a pretty gosh-darned good stylist some day.

"I'm wearing a black dress with a slit up the side and really high heels with diamonds in them."

I think maybe she meant rhinestones. 

"Can't WAIT when it's MY TURN, right Momma?!?"

With 2 more senior proms, and possibly a couple of weddings thrown in BEFORE then (for good measure) I'll be lucky to live that long.  Whatev.

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