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I'm Vloggy and I Know It!

This was only a test; if this had been a real emergency, I'd be wearing matching underwear!

My oldest daughter started her FIRST part-time job last week (THANKYOUBABYJESUS!) so, I've been driving her to and from work, after school.

Her job is about 20-30 minutes further south, depending on traffic (which is how we measure driving distance here in Jersey) and, considering we live along the busiest highways leading to the Jersey Shore, it is a bit of a hairy commute.

Which is pretty much the reason why I drive my oldest daughter to/home from work.

Yes, she has her driver's license (SOB!) however, we only have the one car to share between us and, well, you know.

She is saving up for a down payment on a non-minivan and, at this rate, she'll be lucky enough to be able to afford gas for the gosh-darned thing; not to mention car insurance and clean underwear.

We live in Jersey, enough said.

It's really not all that bad (mostly) she works twice a week (for now) and every other weekend and my husband can help with that, unless, you know, he's working that weekend UGH!

I'm just glad the timing happens to work out well with my youngest daughter's softball schedule. 

Plus, my middle two are bused (AND THEN THE ANGELS BEGAN TO SING!) so, no more worries about getting them to and from school.

My youngest, on the other hand, is still a walker (which is an oxymoron, because she still gets to and from school, in a vehicle, really) however, we have a mutually agreed upon meeting place that does NOT involve my having to actually enter the school parking lot.

I learned of it from a few other parents who also have this thing about school parking lots.

Plus, there's this one particular boy who insists on carrying Hope's book bag and, honestly, it's sort of cute.

Except maybe on Tuesdays and Thursday.


[squints at clock]


Okay, most definitely NOT on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"We have to get Holly to work!!!!"

However, I don't know which is funnier:  the look on the other kid's face?!?

"GAH!!!  I FORGOT!!!"

Or, his hauling ass after my kid...STILL holding her book bag...each AND every time?!?

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