The Year Without An Easter Bunny
Why Is Everyone in SUCH a Hurry? (Atlernate Title, If You're From Jersey: SLOW THE FRIG DOWN!)

Don't Mess With Mother Nature, She Probably Has Teens

The kids have been on spring break since Friday and, since my oldest is scheduled to work this week/weekend and needs the car to, you know, get there (it's about a 30 minute ride down the Parkway, in Jersey speak) we're pretty much rooted close to home.

Boy and His Dog

By yesterday afternoon 2 out of 4 of them weren't speaking to each other (because, girls are pretty much women in training, just so you know) the boy and I needed some fresh air.  Also, the roast had about another hour left.  So, we took Doofus-dawg for a quick walk before dinner.

Broken Sky
It also gave us (meaning, the boy and me) a chance to talk, reconnect and perhaps address a few issues (because, teenagers, they hazem) that otherwise may have gotten lost or mixed in with the rest of the miss-matched socks in the house...YO!

Broken Basketball NetWe've weathered some pretty bad storms, lately (literally and figuratively speaking) and Mother Nature hasn't been very kind to our neighborhood, either.

Broken Path
Hurricane Irene reduced one of their favorite paths, once a bridge into a fairy world filled with magical possibilities, as a place to be feared, neglected and left totally abandoned.

Broken Tree
No matter how many times we changed our direction, we were reminded of just how fragile our world has become and my son was trying really hard to understand why I would want to take pictures of such random things.

Broken Sidewalk

I tried to explain with this broken sidewalk.  Yesterday it served as a medium for space travel.  Who knows what story it will tell, tomorrow?

Splash of Color

I don't know if it stuck.  The boy is only 13.  Also, he asked that I stop taking pictures so that we could get home and check to see if dinner was ready and, well, 13 year-old boys really do get hungry, A LOT.

"Hey, but thanks for the walk mom."

Aaaaand, next time, I'm thinking about dying my hair purple.

"My head feels a whole lot better."

Mine too, enough said.

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