Nearly Wordless Wednesday: WAY TO GO, HOLLY!!!!
Because Some Things Just Shouldn't Be Shared on Instagram

A Blog Post NOT About Graduations, Celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary or My Kids

Holly and Mom Graduation 2012 with Pirates
Because everyone loves a good pirate story, right?!?

I know, I know, though it is sort of a BIG DEAL when your oldest kid graduates high school (d'oh, sorry, won't happen again)!

I sort of try to put myself into your shoes (as difficult as it may be, seeing as your feet are so gosh-darned adorable and all) whenever writing one of these here blog posts.

Aaaaaand, all bad grammar, misspellings, incorrect use of puncuations and run-on sentences aside (because, you know, I have GOT to get this stuff out of my head, like, real fast and sometimes the fingers sort of just take over) I figured some people might get sick of hearing about this sort of stuff.

Like, having a kid old enough to grad...d' know...then again, I think to myself...SELF!...this here blog has never really been just about my kids...uh, that is to say...Those Who Shall Be Named People Living in This House (PLTH, for short).

On the other hand, PLTH have provided me with some pretty gosh-darned good blog fodder over the years.

In fact, one could argue that, if it weren't for PLTH, this blog would probably not exist.

How it survived THIS long (9 years, this September, to be exact) is beyond me and -- considering that everyone and their mother is now an expert in social media -- just your being here defies all logical explanation, really.

Thank you for that!

So, without further ado (sp?) I bring you a blog post NOT about graduations, celebrating anyone's birthday, anniversary or my kids.

[moment of silence]

Holly and Me Graduation 2012
1/3 of PLTH and we're STILL smiling.

SNORT!!!  I mean, really, it is MY blog and everything.  Besides, that one (up there, minus the pirate mask) is NOT a kid...not anymore...DAMMIT!

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