A Blog Post NOT About Graduations, Celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary or My Kids
On Pandemonium, Pneumonia and Piss-Poor Plumbing

Because Some Things Just Shouldn't Be Shared on Instagram

Alternate Blog Title: Happy 11th Birthday...OH YEAH!...and congratulations on that OTHER thing, Hopey!

It's not like I'm worried about embarrassing my kids or anything (recap:  3 of them are teens, enough said!) still, I think to myself...SELF!...think before you blog:

  • Okay, so this cool/funny thing happened.
  • Or that would really make an awesome story.
  • OH YEAH!  The other thing?  Totally blog-worthy, right?

Self:  Okay, great, but maybe people don't give a flying rat's tail about this, or that...OH YEAH!...and that other thing too...and, well, there's always Instagram, right?

BAH!  See what I mean?  All this thinking?  Makes my head hurt.  So, I'm just going to go on faith here and share with you this really blog-worthy thing that happened.

Aaaaand, by blog-worthy I mean:

  • I messed up in some way or another and lived to tell the tale, regardless of the fact that you may or may not give a rat's tail whether I did so or not.
  • I feel someone may benefit, by my messing up and then telling the tale, in some way or another and no more talk of rat's tails, okay?

In fact, if you've been reading me for any length of time (glutton for punishment, eh?) perhaps you've already benefited by my messing up in some way or another and, well, you're welcome!

Still, I promise NOT to go into any great detail (no, it's my pleasure, really!) because, well, it is somewhat of a sensitive subject and I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone or anything.

WARNING:  We are about to head into female territory and the occasional mention of bodily functions may or may not be shared.

[sound of many doors SLAMMING]

Okay, that may have been the LONGEST pre-ramble in blogging history and if you are STILL here reading this? 

I owe the 3 of you a drink and/or a new pair of reading glasses!

Okay, soooooooo, remember the  Happy Everything Party?

REALLY, REALLY QUICK RECAP:  we celebrated oldest graduating high school and youngest's 5th grade promotion on her 11th birthday.

Right.  Soooooo, Garth (NHRN) and I wave goodbye to the last of our guests, collapse on the couch and my youngest runs into the living room hollering:

"I think I just got my first period!"

Ummmmm, yeah, she did. Because we are ALL about milestones up in here....YO!...which reminds me, I messed up (AGAIN!) and STILL owe her a birthday blog post...how-ev-vuh...I just can't seem to come up with a way to...you know...top this one.

So, Happy 11th Birthday...OH YEAH!...and congratulations on that OTHER thing, Hopey!

The end.

[Edited to Add:  my name is Hope Anne Thompson and I approved this blog post!]

[Note from Author: Seriously, I read the whole thing to her and she really did, because...being the youngest of four...and seeing as I am her mother...she's desensitized like that!]

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