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Working from home is not as easy as you may think

The great thing about being self-employed:  hiring myself out as a freelancer gives me the opportunity to work on several projects, while being available to my family (sometimes ALL at once) and I am not committed to any one particular employer, long-term.

The not so great thing about being self-employed:  I am not committed to any one particular employer, long-term.

This week, I'm starting a new project that I am hoping will lead me closer to my goal for 2013:  long-term employment.

Yeah, I'm totally banking on the Aztecs being wrong...DAMMIT!

I'm looking at 2 kids in college by 2014, with 2 more out of high school before this decade is over and, well, enough said.

Either way, as a self-employed-work-at-home type for the last 6 years, I've accustomed myself to working with and/or around other people's schedules.

That said, my hours are about to increase substantially (YES, that is a REAL good thing!) so I decided to do a test run of a normal-ish work day:

  • Get up at 6:00 a.m.:  not a problem, since my bladder has been up for at least 2 hrs already.
  • Showered by 7 a.m.:  depending on which kid "forgot" to take their shower the night before.
  • Get online by 8 a.m.:   depending on which kid "missed" the bus (see previous bullet)!
  • Get through email by 9 a.m.:  hahahahahahahaha (stupid Facebook)!
  • Start logging hours by 10 a.m.:  I am officially on the clock, people!

Except, I cleaned the house on Friday (as a last hurrah, if you will) and then decided to get in a quick session of yoga -- considering the fact that I'll be sitting a lot more (I have a wicked writer's callus, in my midsection) not to mention, I actually also managed to find my one and only yoga DVD.

"Soften your mind..."


"Soften your face..."

Snort.  That's what SHE said.


Aaaaaaand, I hurt my already borked-up back transitioning between child's pose and downward-facing dog (I think) go figure.

There I go again, hurting myself, trying to help myself.

Moral of the Story:  Don't try this at home, after all, I am a professional dork!

Perhaps I should have spent the rest of my work day in child's pose, but then I would have fallen asleep and, well, dumbass yoga.

[sound of crickets chirping]

If anyone needs me, I'll be upstairs nursing my already borked-up back and smell-testing a clean pair of pajamas for tomorrow, just in case.

Thank goodness video-type conference calls are from the neck up, right?!?

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