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A Girls Night, Inside Out!

We attended a family get-together a few years ago, to commemorate the passing of Garth's (not his real name) Uncle, and -- although we very rarely get the chance to visit with Buzz and Lucy -- we saw it as an opportunity to introduce our kids to another branch of their family.

All in all, considering the circumstances and even though I managed to back our minivan into a decorative boulder (I swear, the size of my youngest, dammit!)  it turned out to be a really lovely late-summer day and we were all a little sad to go.

Until, my Cousin-in-Law insisted that we come back for Christmas (yes, even AFTER my breaking their driveway!) and, well, one or more of us may or may not have volunteered to help clean up and perhaps know...until then, or maybe even for forever.

Her home is a beauty to behold and I say that without a speck of jealousy.

Envy, YES!    Still, for as expansive as the house really is (their wine cellar is bigger than my bedroom, no joke!) warmth and joy, not to mention their ability to make family and friends feel very, very special, emit from every square inch of their home.

Cousins Weekend Table
All this for a girls night in, see what I mean?!?

My sister-in-law and I were invited back up for a girls-night-in, last weekend.  We had a really great time, got our toes done, did a little window-shopping afterward, got into our pajamas (guess whose idea THAT was, go ahead, I'll wait) and then we ALL settled in for the night with two of my MOST favorite things:  tapas and wine.

Later, we retreated into her gourmet kitchen, making sure to keep as far away from the pretties and breakables as possible (okay, mostly me) and then we whipped up Aunt Lucy's recipe for homemade cauliflower mac and cheese.

Aaaaaand, I was feeling all sorts of warm and cozy, until...rumble...gurgle...blurp...OH NO!!!

"Excuse me, but I'm going to have to say goodnight."

[eyes go wide]

"I seemed to have hit a wall." 

However, I managed to make it upstairs, before my insides decided to turn our girls-night-in...inside out.

I was sick for the rest of the night and you would NEVER have known it (I mean, seriously, you can hear the dog pass gas from the other side of our house) until the next morning.

Even longer story, short (you're welcome) my Cousin-in-Law was all sorts of gracious, feeding me antacids and pain-relievers for breakfast, helping me feel less and less like a dork by the minute, and even invited me back for another sleepover.

"Why don't you bring the kids, next time, too."

Because, you know, they have a much pickier pallet and maybe then I would think twice before a dumbass.

Note to Self:  Never...EVER...mix goat cheese, cauliflower and smoked artichoke hearts with Pinot Grigio.

Well, at least I did NOT break anything...right?!?

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Stupid smoked artichoke hearts, dumbass Pinot Grigio.

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