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Share Your Life List & Give Cancer A Virtual Bitchslap!

Liz's Life List
You like?  I made this life list, myself, with many thanks to the American Cancer Society for sponsoring and compensating my writing about ways in which we can help give cancer the virtual bitchslap it deserves!

The American Cancer Society is celebrating their 100th birthday this month (5/22/13) and, in honor of the many brave battles being fought (and/or lost) by way too many of my family and friends, I have the extreme privilege of partnering with the ACS in helping to amplify their most recent effort in helping us to celebrate MORE of life's special moments, like:

  • More proud accomplishments:  seriously, why does this one have to be so gosh-darned difficult for some of us?!?  Brag on yourself, your kids, your friends, your dog, the cat, whatever or whoever makes you happy...g'head, I dare is too short to not partake in a little tribulation, right?!?
  • More dreams come true:  dreams are the prequel of our future accomplishments, IMHO.
  • More birthdays:  enough said.

So, maybe some of you are thinking:  that's great and all, honestly, but what GOOD would it do?!?  It's not like you can just wish cancer away with happy thoughts and stuff, right?!?

No (DAMMIT!), but we CAN support the folks who are the leading force behind the fight against cancer (like, the ACS) and help spread their message of hope through volunteer programs, like The Hope Lodge Network:  offering cancer patients and their families a free, home-like temporary place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment may be in another city.

Aaaaaand, providing important health information, like spotting the difference between a harmless mole and a dangerous melanoma:  my husband, his mother, his father and his siblings have all had portions of their scalps and/or noses removed; skin cancer sucks.

So, yeah, I am MORE than willing to help amplify the ACS's efforts to beat back the bitch that is cancer.

For more information, please visit the American Cancer Society on Facebook:  take a moment to read through all the brave and awesome stories shared by folks from all over the world and, while you're there, consider creating an ACS Life List of your very own.

Brag on yourself a little and help give cancer the virtual bitchslap it deserves.

G'head, I triple-dog dare you :)

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