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From Our House, To Your House: It's A Krispie Carol

Merry Krispmas from This Full House 2
Like most families we know, the kids and I have our favorite holiday traditions: decorating Christmas cookies ranks right up there with tricking out a ginger bread house with leftover Halloween candy, if there's any left.  

Assembling said gingerbread house, not so much.

So, when our good friends at Kellogg's challenged us to put a twist on a family-favorite holiday tradition, I thought it would be REALLY fun to replicate This Full House (the house) in Rice Krispies, but then I broke it.

Holiday House Fubar
So, according to the directions, you're supposed to bake the pieces for about 20 minutes before assembling, however, I sort of skimmed over that part.

You see, I neglected to read the directions on creating a holiday candy cottage out of Rice Krispies completely, like all the way through, the house fell apart and I started getting all Grinchy about it.  This was supposed to be a fun project.  Guess what?!?  It was no longer fun.

Krispie Carol Players

AND THEN MY TEENS CAME TO THE RESCUE: creating the cutest Rice Krispie critters (some of my favorites are shown above), complete with a story line and everything.  

So, it is with extreme pleasure, I present to you This Full House - A Krispie Carol:


We had a BLAST creating this Krispie little Christmas play and, not unlike Maya Zer (like in miser, that was Heather's idea, she's SO gosh-darned clever) I got my holiday mojo back, thanks to my teens and...YES!!!...I'm keeping them.

So, from our your house...Merry Krispmas, everyone :)

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