From Our House, To Your House: It's A Krispie Carol
That time of the month, when my uterus broke the ultrasound machine.

Behind every strong woman, there's another strong woman, trying to do right by her family, probably.

Katkics Womenz Christmas 2013 Unframed
The Katkics Women, Christmas 2013

I love this picture for so many reasons, but mostly because it captures the women in my family who are usually found behind the camera and are equally passionate about capturing moments, like this one: my mom, me and my sister-in-law Pam.

It's been a tough year for the three of us.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and whatever else is left after throwing yourself into living life to the matter what life throws at you....body, mind and soul-ly.

Me and My Bro Christmas 2013
Me and my twin bro, taken by my sister-in-law, who was all like "Get in front of the tree, you two" in their magnificent new house, in front of their equally magnificent tree, Christmas Day 2013.

Heck, now that I'm being all honest with myself and stuff (out loud, I mean), it recently dawned on me that whatever stress we've had between us, over these however many years, has been because we each have the same goal in mind: to keep our families happy.

Because, I'm quick like that.

Add in the crazy that goes along with the holidaze and, well, there isn't enough eggnog in the world to keep me from wondering if there's anything I could have or should have done to make it less, you know, stressful...for everyone.

Which, of course, is just asking for trouble, right?!?  RIGHT?!! Riiiiiiiight. 

Breaking in Pam and Bud's new kitchen HARD!
Breaking in Pam and Steve's new kitchen...HARD!!!

Aaaaaand, well, there aren't nearly enough photos, of us, together, like this, so I made a mental note to make it MY #1 PRIORITY to change that in 2014.

"Hey, you guys, look over here!"

My sister-in-law grabbed me, I grabbed my mother and...BOOM!!!...another frame-worthy moment brought to you by my husband, Garth (not his real name) and copious amounts of heavily-spiked eggnog.

Katkics Womenz Christmas 2013 Framed
Posting it again, because I love this picture THAT MUCH, with a frame and everything.

So, here's to capturing more frame-worthy moments...*clink-clink*...unlike this one, I mean...UGH!!!

Eggnog is the devil
Eggnog IS the devil.

Although, it WILL remind me to NEVER wear a sparkle-y tight fitting top on Christmas (or EVUH!) and, at the very least, gift myself with a much more supportive bra...after Thanksgiving, of course...yo.

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