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How NOT TO take videos of your kid.

Because if you happen to have a middle-schooler in your house, who also happens to be a member of the middle school's chorus, then you may or may not appreciate the town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony as a REALLY BIG DEAL.

Hope singing at the tree lighting or at least I am pretty sure it is her
A really bad picture of our youngest daughter singing at our town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony, last night -- at least, I think that it is her -- but wait, it gets worse!

Our youngest daughter has been looking forward to it for many reasons...

WARNING:  this is where, if you are a parent of a non-grader (i.e. pre-schooler or kindergartener) you might want to scroll down past the next sentence, you'll have to trust me on this one.

...especially because there will be middle school boys either singing and/or attending the town's Christmas tree lighting and, well, if you have a middle-schooler in your house, who also happens to be female, I right?!?

Okay, now that we got that squared away: our two oldest daughters have also sung at our town's Christmas tree lighting for the very same reasons mentioned above.

REMINDER:  if you are a parent of a non-grader, DON'T SCROLL UP!!!

Aaaaaanyway, point being (because I really do have one, promise!) although I have never sung in a chorus (for obvious reasons, especially to my family), this is NOT my first town Christmas tree lighting ceremony; but you would NEVER know it, judging by my total inability to record the gosh-darned event, without getting it TOTALLY wrong, even with several tries:


Oh, there was more video (just as bad, too!) aaaaaand this is where you should be SUPER-thankful I did not include them here.  You're welcome!

P.S.: I know, the last caption reads "Wait, did I miss them signing" instead of "singing" but it still fits, because I was SO BUSY trying to video tape my kid singing, I didn't hear a gosh-darned thing.

P.P.S: We've got $100 worth of T.A. Barron books for young readers (ages 6 - 16) that we're just itching to giveaway, just in time for the holidaze!

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