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Because I lie like a rug…my name should be Matt!

Welcome to Tuesday -- it's the new Monday here at my house! Especially since -- rather than fixing and polishing a house full of creaks and peeling paint -- we spent the entire four-day-weekend visiting with family and friends living many, many miles away. It's like needing a vacation...from your vacation -- the kids and I thought today felt...just like a frickin' Monday! But, it was all good -- my MIL is home from the to visit my brother's new house...saw Mini-Me's Godparents and met their new grandchild...tasted some awfully good (grin) red wine -- and I was feeling... Read more →

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It’ll take a miracle…or at least a daddy blogger with a post titled after a Rambo movie…go figure!

I was doing some research on the conflicts of raising daughters and sons (yes, Virginia, there is a difference!) and a search page happened to lead me to a blogger I've just recently heard of (thanks, BoB) but who I can certainly relate to. Because, like me, DadCentric is only beginning to realize that...holy crap! daughter(s) growing up...and I am SO NOT READY!!! Although he does have another four years, yet -- and he is absolutely right in thinking it will come sooner than he thinks -- his post made me think that perhaps Thing Two's godfather was right: "At... Read more →

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Love is in the air…

Since December 12th -- the day after our first snow -- my kids have been sleeping with their pajamas inside out and on backwards (have you heard of that one?) but, it hadn't worked very well. Until today. Yesterday, we experienced our first winter storm of the season... got two feet of the stuff... which made for a beautifully lazy Sunday afternoon... and a snow day today, to boot! So, I grabbed my camera, plugged in some John Paul Young, and decided share some of the brighter sides of winter...and let the pictures do the talking, for once.  Love... Read more →

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Them clothes got laundry numbers on them; you remember your number and always wear the ones that has your number; anybody forgets his or her number spends a night in the box, with your Mother!

Seriously, it's come down to this -- the house is sick with hampers and laundry baskets filled with clothes -- and a nasty case of stomach flu literally knocked me on my ass Thursday night, and I didn't get up day is it? Friday's a blur -- my kids said I snored alot -- and my husband managed to keep the, it's still standing and all four kids made it to school and back -- good job, hon! Then all hell broke loose. [phone rings] "Oh, hi's not home...he's at work...huh? isn't feeling good, yet...what?...uh...she's laying on... Read more →

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