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Brat Bully Beware - This Playground’s Made For Walking!

Our school system allows our kids to participate in recess - weather permitting - ideally, where a child can go outside and run, play, kick a soccer ball and shoot some hoops for twenty minutes, or so. My kids? I'd rather they climb into a pit filled with mud, or any form of muck for that matter, than have to face another playground bully and waste half my afternoon having to explain why chump-change felt the need to punch one of them in the gut or cut him/her down to the size of an insignificant fleck. Yes, I understand that recess is an important part of the school day - it's the constant whacking I can do without - but, for goodness sake, can I just tell you how sick and tired I am of all the bullying! Maybe it's just me. But, I've been reading up ways to handle... Read more →

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She May Be Short…She May Be Cute…And She May Be My Kid…But, She Did It In The Name Of Love…And That’s What Makes Her Pretty!

I'll tell you, I am one of the proudest momma's in the whole blogosphere...right about now...I'm feeling this warm, fuzzy sort of feeling that I just had to share. Look it what my kid did!   This was Thing Two before school, this morning.   This is Thing Two -- after she (and about a dozen other school mates) donated ten inches of hair for the Locks of Love! What is Locks of Love? Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children 18 years and younger suffering from long-term medical hair loss. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Most of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. The prostheses we provide... Read more →

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Don’t Cha Wish Your Mom Was A Freak, Like Me — Don’t Cha, Baby!?!

No, it wasn't romantic - nor, was it anywhere near as magical as one might imagine a weekend getaway to be - but, I couldn't have planned a more rejuvenating two days, if I'd tried. So, I didn't. My husband was scheduled to work on Saturday, then helped his sister move rather large pieces of furniture that would take at least four trips and most of the weekend to complete and then...who knows...perhaps we could wave to one another, as we exchanged glances at each other...from the driveway. I was a bit frazzled, wickedly whipped from the week and (quite frankly) feeling more than a little sorry for myself. So, after Little Man's baseball game, I packed up the kids, made everyone make a quick potty stop, threw a couple of juice boxes in the minivan and headed to one of my favorite places -- where rest and relaxation are... Read more →

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Illustration Friday

Though I've always wanted to - this is my first time contributing to Penny's Illustration Friday. Have you heard of it? Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators of all skill levels. It was designed to challenge participants creatively. I believe that every person has a little creative bone in their body. Illustration Friday just gives a no-pressure, fun excuse to use it. No clients looking for a particular thing. No one judging the outcome of the work. It's a chance to experiment and explore and play with visual art. So welcome, novices and pros alike. I can't think of a better day, than Friday, to play - so, here it goes. This week's topic suggested by Melissa: Sorry  Hey, Honey...about how I've been feeling, lately...and all those nasty things that I've said...when I do speak to you, that's not's not the's... Read more →

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Don’t Wake Me Up Unless Publishers Clearing House Calls…Then, Put Them Right Through!

Throughout history, people have searched for "the meaning" of dreams. Experts say that almost all of us dream and -- even though perhaps you're one of those people who rarely remembers your dreams -- if you were to be awakened during the deepest of sleeps (R.E.M. - rapid eye movement) then, chances are pretty good that you will at least know were dreaming. I, on the other hand, have no problem remembering my dreams.  In fact, not only do I dream in vivid colors, I often times wake up and can still sense tastes, smells, etc... Sometimes, I know that I am dreaming and wake myself up when I don't like the dream is playing out...and can even go back to sleep and "finish a dream." This is where my husband would take to calling me, "Abby Normal."  In my dreams, I visit people, places... Read more →

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Wake Up And Smell The Dirty Laundry!

Okay, so this is the guy...and he looks very, very happy. Dammit! I didn't really expect to win the HGTV 2006 Dream Home -- hoping's more like it -- but, I don't believe I was even half as disappointed as my kids were! We entered (along with 53 million other people) the contest,toured the house about a hundred times, and even had our bedrooms picked out as we truly thought, "this house was made for us!" And as we gathered together to watch the HGTV Giveaway Saturday night, the kids huddled close together on the couch -- along with the two cats and the dog -- and my husband and I watched as they crossed...well...everything they possibly could...and listened to the names of the winners read throughout the show. "C'mon...say our name...say our name...winning $10,000 would be so cewl!" Nothing. "C'mon...$20,000 would be so much better!" Nope. "C'mon...$30,000...we gotta win... Read more →

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