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Wake Up And Smell The Dirty Laundry!

Okay, so this is the guy...and he looks very, very happy.


I didn't really expect to win the HGTV 2006 Dream Home -- hoping's more like it -- but, I don't believe I was even half as disappointed as my kids were!

We entered (along with 53 million other people) the contest,toured the house about a hundred times, and even had our bedrooms picked out as we truly thought, "this house was made for us!"

And as we gathered together to watch the HGTV Giveaway Saturday night, the kids huddled close together on the couch -- along with the two cats and the dog -- and my husband and I watched as they crossed...well...everything they possibly could...and listened to the names of the winners read throughout the show.

"C'mon...say our name...say our name...winning $10,000 would be so cewl!"

"C'mon...$20,000 would be so much better!"

"C'mon...$30,000...we gotta win this time!"

"Okay...we get one more shot...and winning $100,000 would be DA-BOMB!"

Was a dud.

And I swear I thought I heard their faces hit the the same time...and truth be told, my heart actually skipped a beat.  Because, in my mind's eye, I was already doing the happy dance in anticipation of screaming along with the kids:


Needless to say, we're staying put this summer -- but, I printed Mellie's post anyway, because the happiest place in the world's going to have to wait for us...a little while longer -- and I shrugged my shoulders as I smiled at my husband and asked the kids:
"So, who do you want to win the house?" 

They really couldn't decide and it didn't help that the three finalists were so...well...let's just say it would have been easier for us to shout:

If the HGTV 2006 Dream Home Grand Prize Winner didn't seem so gosh-darned deserving, not to mention likeable!

[jumping on couch and fighting for clicker]

"Phew...thank goodness that's mom and dad can get back to fixing this place up...seeing as we don't have to move...or sell the house, right away...see if Sponge Bob's still on!?!"

[eyes go wide]

"You're selling our house!?!"

"But, I don't wanna move!"

"Yah...I wike my woom...I wike my swings...and I don't wanna move...ever-never!"

Thank goodness for that (and Sponge Bob) because I've seen enough of what my friends have gone through (not to mention moving my parents out their house last October) to ever want to have to pack our large crew up, let alone out!

[doing the math that sends shivers up and down my spine]

Good luck with my your dream house -- because I've just finished sending my first entry into The HGTV Big Back Yard Splash Sweepstakes (May 1 - May 31, 2006) to win a trip for two to Hawaii (I hear it's nice this time of year) and that $100,000 prize -- you know, to create my very own backyard paradise -- is soooo mine!!!!

I can almost taste it, I swear!

Ah, well -- all sour grapes aside -- the way the hubs and I see it, there's nothing wrong with dreaming of something better, as long as we remember to wake up and smell...the dirty laundry!

Because -- in this full house of grubby little hands, grass-stained knees and schmutz-filled faces -- happiness is...a bunch of empty hampers and a laundry line filled with freshly washed jeans.

Besides, there's always next time -- and I hear Colorado is lovely around this time of year! 

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