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Talk Dirty To Me, Summer Vacation Day 1: Two posts for the price of one!

After enlightenment, the laundry…and who knows what tales our dirty clothes will tell!?!

To most people, "airing out the dirty laundry" would mean that someone is talking about their private matters (or secrets), in public and is typically reserved information....for a reason.

Not in this house and - in light of the fact that it is Monday, which happens to be the busiest of laundry days - quite frankly, that's why I started blogging in the first place.

Because there simply isn't a day where you won't find at least one hamper (or clothes basket) overflowing with...blogging fodder!

Today, I'm sorting out a week filled with blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of grass stains:

Little Man played his last little league game of the season on Saturday and -- as I was shouting out the stains in his uniform -- I couldn't help but reflect (and have to admit) how it was a pleasant experience...for the both of us.  He'd never played before, but, one of his bff's (and his mom) talked us into registering him and requesting that he play on his bff's team.  And I'm so glad I did.  The coaches were great (very laid back) and the team played well together, especially towards the end of the season, when Little Man's batting improved his fielding abilities shined on 1st base.  He won three game balls, overall, and is looking forward to next spring.  I hope to be able to get him to play with the same group of kids/coaches and perhaps even convince him not to wear his baseball cup...to school ;o)

It was a busy week for all of us and - especially Mini-Me, who has needed to nap more this week than ever before - as I threw Thing One's favorite do-rag into the wash, I made a mental note to thank her for all of the babysitting, message taking and general good natured-nurturing she's done over the passed few days.  Though, I'm sure she'd appreciate an increase in her allowance...if she actually had one, that is.  Perhaps once she completes those babysitting classes at the community center, and receives her certificate in first aid...I suppose I won't even be able to afford her, anyway!

Thing Two sweats...a lot...and is always very mindful about wearing plenty of deodorant, taking lots of showers and changing her clothes, often.  Which means she is usually the one with the most laundry.  I was invited to visit her classroom (located on the top floor, WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING) and observe her teaching the social studies lesson on the economy of the midwest during the 19th century. ZZZZZzzzzz.  Huh...what...where was I?  No, it's not a very interesting subject...unless it's your child up there...in front of all those other children...and she happens to be looking rather smart...wearing her new glasses...and speaking well and looking quite comfortable...while her mother squirms in an attempt to keep her thighs from sticking to the seat of those damned, and very smallish, desks - GAH!


Sorting one of Mini-Me's favorite denim jackets (handed down by her brother, who had it handed down to him from a friend, because I have long since made my peace with accepting hand-me-downs) I remembered taking this picture of Mini-Me, taking a stroll with her bff on the last full-day of preschool, before graduating on Friday.  She's growing up so fast, made a lot of new friends and is very ready to tackle kindergarten, in September.  I thought about all this during her graduation and, in fact, I was a bit surprised by how I managed to...not cry as much as I thought!  I guess we're both ready to move on...and it's because I've done this before...many times...and, honestly, felt a little embarrassed by the other first-time-graduating-mothers...bawling their eyes out as if they were sending their kids off to war...or something.  Okay, maybe a little bit.  Besides, there was no time for me to grieve, as I was too busy consoling Little Man, as he wailed during the power point presentation and photo montage, "I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY SISTER IS GROWING UP...**snort**...AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT...**honk**...SHE'LL BE LEAVING THE HOUSE...**snort**...AND PROBABLY NEVER COMING BACK!!!!" 

Yes, it was quite moving, but a little hard to take...for some of us.  

Except for Mini-Me, who obviously enjoyed all of the attention this week - as well as the family barbecue and the awesome ice cream birthday cake on Saturday - and she accepted her "real" birthday wishes from her Grandparents on Friday night by saying, "Um...'kay, thanks...but, I have to go to bed now...because I have a wee-wee big day, to-maw-woe!"

So, rather than lament over the fact that it's Monday...or, that it's Africa-hot...and the older kids still have four days of school left...WITHOUT AIR-CONDITIONING...but they've mentally stopped going way back at the end of May...and were dragging their feet even more so...this morning...though, i couldn't really blame them...judging by the piles of wet bathing suits and towels lying about!?!

Sometimes, dirty laundry...can be a good thing!

Besides, who couldn't do without a little more...extra-seating?!?

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