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Ever since the kids were little - starting when my two oldest were in preschool and way before Little Man and Mini-Me were born - we would celebrate the end of the week with, "Friday Pizza and Movie Night!"  And - although I work from home, we order our movies from the mail and the pizza orders have changed a bit -  we still look forward to staying in and getting all cozy.

For the kids - it meant a weekend reprieve from the demands of the classroom.

For me - having to get four kids to four different schools...and back...every morning and every afternoon - it meant pretty much the same thing.

Especially if it happened to be a weekend when my husband was scheduled to have the day off - then, yippee...break out the wine and cheese...because we sure as heck-fire'll, be sleeping in!

Then, inevidably, it would be Monday and we'd start looking forward to doing Friday...all over again.


Now that it's summer and the vacation count-down has ended?

It's like Friday Pizza and Movie I have to admit, it somehow sort of loses it's...I dunno...oofah!?!

And when it's raining?

Believe me when I say, there is such a thing as "too much closeness!"

And when it's raining - for the last four days?

Trust me when I say, that every day begins to a Monday!

And when the hubs surprises me - especially when he does something that he has never, ever done, before - and takes the day yesterday?

Well, let's just say I couldn't be more surprised (or happier) if I'd woken up on find out that it's actually like a know what I mean.

Even if it were still raining - which it was, on and off - we spent a lovely day, tending to our gardens (I do the vegetable garden and the small sitting area under my kitchen window, he does the rest...) enjoying each other's company know...getting dirty together.

The kids?


Well, it gives Little Man a chance to "borrow" Mommy's cell phone because he was, "Sooooooooooooooooo bored!"


While, Thing Two catches up (after having been allowed to stay up the last few nights, well passed her bedtime) on some lost sleep.

And Mini-Me raids the dress-ups and puts out a fire, or two.

Only after given a proper make-over from Thing One, of course - you may not be able to tell, but she's sporting a lovely Pat Benatar-look and made it her own by adding Thing Two's sweat wristband from soccer and Mini-Me's favorite pink cowgirl boots!


I'm still looking forward to Friday.

Because - even though my kids have started their summer vacation, 4 days ago - I'm still working my way through tons laundry...while trying to enjoy them...together again...and getting used to being the center of their attention...sort of...even though it's still raining...and the kids are getting really bored...and the cats are fighting...and the dog is still puking...and I'm still in my pajamas...because I finally did get some work done...but need a shower, desperately...and am thinking of ordering pizza for dinner...but, don't even have a bleeding clue what we're my cell phone is...let alone what day it is...GAH!...but, it's summer...who cares?...and maybe I won't even take a there!

See it is all a matter of pacing myself!

**spots cell phone and sends text message to hubs**

"Um...when do you start your vacation and what day is it...again?"

I'm still waiting for an answer.


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