Brat Bully Beware - This Playground’s Made For Walking!
No fair? There’s two men living in a house with 4 women - we’re lucky we have a gas station around the corner!

Wallowing away the wet day in piles of dirty laundry…now with pictures, too!

Laundry - I's a dirty word round most parts - but, it's a gray, wet and very dreary day here in Jersey...and I'm feeling a

So, rather than wallow in the piles...that surround this house of soggy, wet...I'm going on a blog search.

First stop, my bloggy friend CMHL - who has fulfilled her assignment over at The Blue Sloth, very nicely - and to whom I send a virtual hug (because I, as you say, "have been f*cked up by a friend," too!) and will even consider sharing with you, this lovely cup of hot vanilla chai tea I'm drinking, right now.

Which got me thinking, "I'd better finish my laundry!"

But, I visited with Owlhaven (afterall, she is a mother of 8 children!) to see know...she takes care of her dirty laundry.  And found yet another reason to love her:

Early on in my laundry career, intent on being Suzy Homemaker, I emulated my mother, conscientiously sorting each offering to the washer gods. Somewhere along about kid #3 I became lax about this, instead opting for the 'grab any heap and huck it in the washer' approach. To my suprise, the laundry didn't look much different.

And after sharing her secret, she goes onto say:
So there ya have it-- my shameful lazy-laundry secret. I know that some women get tremendous satisfaction from laundry, and would be desperately unhappy with my methods. I totally respect that. But being casual about laundry has not impacted my family's life in any measurable way except to give me time to do things I enjoy more. Works for me!

Me,, I'm sending you a virtual high-five - if any of your hands (because I bet you've got, like, eight...right?) that are free, that is - and will even consider sharing a hot cup of pasta fagioli I made, the other day, that always tastes that much better...shared a few days later!

Then, I looked up and saw this:

And am reminded of the other gazillion things I'll forget to do, and felt as tired (and drowned-rat-like) as I probably look - which made me think of summer vacation.


Speaking of all things warm and sunny, I then wondered what my bloggy friend Amber was up to.

My daily lists are very long… but I finally feel like I am organised(ish). Today’s to do list involves packing kids rooms (that are all sorted and organised), running errands, baking cakes, organizing party bags, and hopefully sitting in the sun for at least 5 minutes (we had a very long, cold, 3 week spell of rain which ended last Friday - spring seems to have arrived!)

And all of a sudden - although, I didn't quite seem to be so busy - I felt this urge to sit in the sun, my ownself.  So, I'm sending you - although she'd probably hate to be referred to in the same sentence along with the word, "sunny" -  Amber, all peaceful thoughts to you (and yours) and good wishes for a happy move from across the sea and I have even decided on sharing my shiny new chocolate raspberry lip gloss, with you.


I love raspberries - and absolutely adore chocolate, btw - CHOCOLATE!  Oh, crap.  I just remembered what I found in the pocket of Mini-Me's blue jeans, the other day.  Although, I didn't know they were melted M&M's, at first.


Ah, well - I guess I'd better finish up and better start folding, now - time to do the laundry.

Oops...shhh...maybe, later - hmmm...I wonder what Mir's up to?

**eyes go wide and feeling know...leaky, again**


I'm sending her my new boyfriend Mike Rowe -  'cause she's got a dirty job ahead of her!

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