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Summer Vacation - White Bread vs. Whole Grain and Who Knew Shuffleboard Could Be So Sexy? - Day 18

It's been a year since my parents bought their house in a community about an hour away from us - spending most of their weekends last summer enjoying the "active adult community" life, semi-permanently. They've since sold the house I grew up in and have been living "full-time" in "the village of high fiber and everything bran" since October of last year. And I have to say, it's been the best thing that's happened to my family since Costco and Whole Grain Wonder Bread! The kids and I try and visit with them at least once per week during the... Read more →

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Summer Vacation - Spit, Shine, A Quick Polish and All Things DOOFUS! - Day 15

Yep - 15 days into summer vacation and it's finally happened - the spit has hit the fan as my children have officially gotten on each other's nerves! Words most often heard from my mouth this week: "Knock it off!" "Chill out!" "Because it's a bad word and mommy's a grown-up, that's why!" "Keep your hands to yourself!" "For the love of God!" "Stop with the screaming, already!" "Your brother is NOT your slave - GO GET IT, YOUR OWNSELF!" And finally: "No, we CANNOT go swimming, today!" Friggin' rain. I can't blame the kids - feeling a bit closed-in,... Read more →

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Summer Vacation - independence, co-dependence and bubblewrap - Day 12

You may (or may not know) that I write a monthly column for The Imperfect Parent (I know, they are being extremely generous!) and my topic for this month's article is the fact that my brother and I spoke another language before learning English in school, even though I was born here in America. And it was not as uncommon, as you would perhaps believe, now as it was in the seventies. In fact, there are a lot of things that are done differently today - especially when it comes to raising children - perhaps, as it should be. Unfortunately,... Read more →

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