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A little more than a month from now, the kids will be going back to school and - with Mini-me starting kindergarten (don't even get me started!) - we'll need to be thinking about getting them back to a more "normal" bedtime (read: in bed before eleven p.m.) and consider some sort of schedule that includes time blocked off know...sitting and eating...hopefully, the same time.

But, not today.

This morning - or, at least...I think it's morning - I've just finished cleaning up breakfast (yes, I know it's 11:00 a.m...I think) and I'm drinking copious amounts of coffee in an attempt to stay awake, which typically isn't a problem with four children running around and demanding most (if not all) of my attention.

But, not today.

I'm down by two - Thing One is off vacationing with her bff and Little Man is staying with my brother and my SIL for a few days - and you'd think that Thing Two and Mini-Me are savoring their chances for second helpings and enjoying the opportunity of having a bit more elbow room...than usual.

But, not today.

At exactly 3:10 a.m. - while I was contemplating my chances of ever getting to sleep - they woke up!

"What's the matter?"

[rubbing eyes]
 "I'm done sleeping."


I guided Thing Two to the kitchen, gave her a drink of water and nearly peed my pants when I turned to find Mini-Me standing right behind me...and totally naked.

"So, what's the matter with you?"

[rubbing eyes]
"I'm firsty!"

[filling glass with water]
"Okay,'s very early in the morning, yet...and...uh...why are you naked?"

[looks down and eyes go wide]
" it mornin' AW-WEDDY!?!"

And so it goes.
"It's know...too quiet."

They missed Thing One's snoring and tripping over Little Man's sleeping bag on the way to the potty.  They missed his giggling in the middle of his sleep, their big sister's shushing and everyone ending up in her bed for the rest of the night.

But, not today. 

I didn't bother waking my husband on the couch, took the girls upstairs with me, dressed Mini-Me in one of my t-shirts and tucked both girls in...with me.  And - while I waited for the girls to settle down and for the dog to join us - I thought to myself, perhaps I shouldn't worry too much about our family living in such tight quarters...or, whether or not they have enough room...or, getting enough private time...away from us.

Not today.

[takes another sip of coffee]

I'm taking it slow, today, and allowing myself to enjoy each moment as it comes...and for what it is...because, that's what summer's for...SILLY!

Like -- Thing Two, Kate's honey and Little Man -- taking a beachy stroll on a clear and crispy hot day.


Like, being told by your big sister, "You can go ahead and bury me in the sand, if you'd like!"


Like being buried in the sand and finding out that you have a whole lot in common with your new friend, Breadcrumb.


Spending the day feeling warm, crunchy and welcome by new friends, who serve the "freshest" Jersey tomatoes - even though we pretty much cleaned them out of food and toilet paper - and waking up to another sun-shiney day, being surrounded by warm little limp bodies (but, missing a few) and feeling bone-tired, yet...slightly toasty, inside!

[heavy sigh]

That's how we like to spend our summer vacation - but, not today - because, I've got the laundry to prove it!

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