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Dressing my kids when they were babies was fun and - although it was easier to find things for the girls as opposed to the choices offered in the boys' department - I am thankful that my girls are comfortable in their own skins and each have their own unique style.

Thing One has been into the bohemian-folksy look (before it was even in style) while Thing Two is into the t-shirt and jeans sort of casual.  And Mini-me is very girly and loves to shop for long as it is purple and/or pink.

The boy?

Well, he's okay with whatever he's wearing, as long as it's got something to do with baseball.

Though they each have their own particular tastes, there's one thing that my four kids have one thing in common - they love watching Project Runway and then coming up with their own designs and try and think of new looks...FOR MOMMY!?!

And especially with that bitch-designer Laura's remark...about how you would never, ever, catch her "dressed-down" because she's a mom with five kids and doesn't want look like other mothers...who wear sweat pants and drive minivans.


And as all four of their heads simultaneously turned towards me, I couldn't help blurt out the first thing that came to mind:


[eyes go wide],, she likes to look her best...and dress up everyday...and I thought she brilliantly met the first design challenge and made an awesome coat (out of a rug and a shower curtain or something) but, I thought she was stupid for talking down to other moms like that!?!

Pssst...Laura...tailored skirts, high heels on a baseball/soccer field...they don't match, honey!

I'd stick out like a sore thumb and, quite frankly, feel as if I were sending out all the wrong messages - especially to my kids!

It's not the clothes that make the mom and - especially in this designer's case - it's the mom who makes the clothes...and she shoulda known better than to be dissing a rather large share of the clothing market!

[takes a deep breath and continues to fold laundry]

So, the girls felt the need to glam mom up and - because I loaned my sewing machine to my SIL - decided to make, package and distribute their own line of lip gloss...for moms.

These ar the colors currently available:  Gimme Green, Sea Blue, Palooza Blue, Black-eyed Blue, Blastoff Black, Lookin' Good Lavender, Ravenous Rose.

And my personal favorite:  Lime-a-lot

I think they're onto something (not to mention an easy sell being so gosh-darned CUTE!) and like the fact that they were being creative in coming up with a way to make mommy's feel more...prettiful...and texted my husband, saying so!

Until my husband responded by text-messaging:

"Why is it on your nose?"

[taking a closer look]

Yep - I didn't notice the glare on my nose - that's me all right (one big 'ole green mess) good thing I'm not going anywhere...but, like the grocery store...and then perhaps cut the grass in the front, my mommy-civies of shorts and a t-shirt, no less!

And I text-messaged him the first thing that came into my head:


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