Summer Vacation - All glossed up and nowhere to go - Day 22
Summer Vacation - Get outta town; I’m just here for the food! - Day 26

Summer Vacation - Who’s HOT? Mommybloggers, and the men who love ‘em! - Day 26

My husband started his vacation this week and - although he had to "pop" into work for a few hours yesterday afternoon - it's not like we're not going anywhere or doing anything's nice to have know...around.

When we first met - a blind date he agreed to only to get his SIL off his back - we felt a connection that went beyond sexual attraction (believe me, I've had plenty of relationships at that point to understand the difference) and I dropped alot more than my glass of red wine and two sets of utensils.

I spilled my guts!

And it was quickly apparent to me that not only did he realize and understand the fact that - by moving spillable things closer to his side of the table - I am A KLUTZ!

He got me.

I wasn't perfect (still ain't) I loved my family and would do anything within my power to be there for them when they needed me (still doing) and that I wanted kids.  Still - I had my doubts on whether or not I would be able to pull off  being a good mother, let alone a good wife - he hung around after that first date, we were married a year later and I've been wigging it...ever since.

And, let me tell you, the man is HOT!

No, I'm not talking about that kind of HOT - although, he is - that would perhaps be considered private by some and TMI to most.

What makes him HOT is the fact that he has made the kids breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, fixed two boo-boos, complimented me twice and handed me a second cup of coffee (without me asking) and is content on sitting here, next to me, reading his newspaper while I write...because he get's me.

[eyes rolling and the sounds of much gagging]


You mustn't go, just yet.

Then, you'll miss the real reason for today's post - besides the fact that I think you're freakin' HOT for staying - I'm feeling the love and an urge to pass it along to a mommyblogger friend of mine.


Yeah, you!

She also gets me and - as a frequent comment contributor both here and at BlogHer, which makes her very HOT! - the connection I have with Jenna is more than mommyblogger-love...she's family.

Not in the traditional sense - and she should be thanking her lucky stars for it! - but, being that TheJHatfiels are a military family...same thing.

My twin-brother and his wife live on an army base (we recently visited with them on the 4th of July) and often times open their home (as well as their hearts) to soldiers and their families who are overseas, coming home or somewhere in-between.

Jenna's post - When the war hits home - resonates the power of blogging (mommybloggers, in particular) and moved more ways than she will ever know.

I offer you, Jenna, my hand in friendship and hope that your friend Matt gets home and is feeling better...soon.

Mommybloggers may not be most-loved people in the blogosphere - but, with friends like these...and these...not to mention men like my husband...damned if we're not f*cking HOT!


It's okay if you don't agree - just, grab a deliciously HOT pop-over baked fresh for me this morning (yes, he's that HOT!) and go in peace.



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