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Welcome back - Vinnie Barbarino, Horshack, Juan Epstein, the rest of the Sweathogs and Mr. Kotter would perhaps agree - are perhaps the two most universally appreciated words in the English language.  Especially when used in a form of a warm greeting, which would lead one to believe that someone (or something) was lacking in their absence.

Add the words, "I missed you," and...well...perhaps you'd be hard-pressed to ignore the, something warm and fuzzy happening inside your head and a slight tingle around your mid-section.  Pretty much like the effects of being greeted by a giant patches of black-eyed-susans, both at the front and back doors of the house.

But, come home very, very late at night - driving about a bazillion miles of traffic (stupid Connecticut) after spending perhaps the best four days of your life (and discovering a taste for watermelon-apple-tinis) with someone you've fallen in love with, all over again - to a quiet house.

Surrounded by silence...peace...serenity...and perhaps an all too sudden reminder of what you've left behind.

Hell yes...I woke the kids...wouldn't you!?!


"Hey,'s's only me...Mommy's home!"

[BARK-BARK-and much more-BARKING]

Did I ever mention to you...just how excited...or insanely jealous...our dog can get!?!

Mini-me's legs were wrapped around Thing, when Thing Two woke up a bit startled...she dumped Mini-me onto the floor...and scared Little Man...who was sleeping in a sleeping bag...and couldn't get up right away...but, wiggled and the final death throws of a slug drowning in a bowl full of beer...screaming...I would imagine...although I couldn't hear it...above my own Thing One reached for the baseball bat strategically placed just underneath the pretty white ruffles of her bed.


[eyes go wide]
"'s MOMMY!'re finally home...I...can'!?!?!?"

Let's just say, caution IS the better part of valor...and sleeping bags CAN become very slippery...when wet...STUPID dog!

In fact, we've been spending...


...the last two days...

...un-missing each other...

...and getting very wet!

I'm back...I missed you...and I'm much better, now...what, can't you tell?...STUPID hair!

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