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My son has a terrible fear of bees -- having been the only child to have been stung, ever, and FIVE TIMES in the last summer -- to the point where...if he sees matter how far away...he SCREAMS like a girl...and then pukes his guts up...usually on whatever part of my body he happens to be clinging to for dear that moment.

This is Little Man.

This is Little Man, on steroids.

Any questions?

Not caring for the little stinging suckers, my ownself -- especially yellow jackets -- and spending a lot of time in our big backyard, filled with flowers and a rather large crop of cherries and Jersey tomatoes, I tried to convince my son that he couldn't possibly spend the entire summer...indoors.

My son begged to differ.

"I got Playstation, a television and plenty of oatmeal...OH...YES...I...CAN!"

[heavy sigh]

No, I don't think he's was being weird -- okay, eating oatmeal...IN THE SUMMER...maybe a little -- but, the screaming like a girl thing (and the puking) was getting a bit old and I didn't know what else to do.

So, my husband took matters into his own hands and hung one of these.

I had my doubts -- we have a lot of bees and this looked a little know...friendly, like I'd want to fill it with caffeine or appletinis and hookup by the pool with a couple of friends...or something -- what's this pretty little bag going to do with all these nasty little bees flying around?


I don't know if you can tell, but that's a bunch of crispy-critters lying on the bottom of the bag and...DAYUM!...but, if the danged thing didn't work!

Sometimes, we all need a little help in facing our fears - today, it was Mini-Me's turn.



Did I mention how much I hate well-visits -- not to mention the fact that I am desperately AFRAID of needles --  but, our pediatrician is cool and allows the rest of my gang to stay in the examining room...for moral support.

"Now...remember...think of your happy place...mine is the beach!...where's your happy place?"


" in duh mall!"

Thing Two was stroking her arm and Little Man started stroking her foot.
"Yah, just think of your happy is playing in our backyard...oh...except without the bees...because they have those SHARP stingers...but, don't worry...they're dead now and can't hurt...anymore...not like THAT NEEDLE's gonna, anyways!"


And I made the mistake of looking at the needle(s)...again...burped...did I mention I HATE NEEDLES!?!...and spit up in my mouth...a little...which, made Mini-me laugh.



Yep -- it's been one of those weeks -- an appletini is sounding real good, right about now!

[Note:  No bees suffered in the making of this post - MUCH! - as I'm sure the nasty little buggers died quickly!] 


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