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I have a son, who - evidence:  this small space (in the play-slash-laundry room) claimed for his figures and penchant for military history - sometimes thinks living in a houseful of females can be a real drag!

Often times this summer, the girls (there's three of them, btw) will go off and play "story" or have "a dance party" and, more often than not, they do NOT include...a brother.

Don't get me wrong - there are times when at least one of the girls find having a brother can come in handy - even though I believe (and have often gone out of my way to insure) that everybody deserves a little "private time," I sometimes wish I had the balls to try and have another baby!

Because, my husband has insisted his are most definitely (read:  WTF is wrong with you...are you crazy!?!) off limits!

Truth be told - he's the one that had the nerve to bring up the possibility of having...**as bile rises to throat**...a 5th child during dinner on Friday night - my inlaws admitted to feeling the same way, having stated their belief that they're pretty much done with having babies around, too.

My parents?

Well, hell - break out the champagne and the rubber sheets! - there's always room for one more!


So, obviously...I can see both sides...and living on the proverbial fence, at the moment...I'm pretty sure that - evidence:  the fact that there just isn't anymore freakin' room, the dog has had to give up his digs to the youngest, already...for the love all things great and really, really, cramped! - Little Man will have to settle with versing (that's what he calls it) Mommy in a battle of...well...every major military campaign, imaginable.

That's what it's been like - ALL SUMMER! - and it's been raining for the, I took them to one of our gender-friendly favorite places (read: neutral territory) the book store.

Where's there's something for everyone...

...even if you hate being caught wearing, "stupid-looking-head-phone-thingies"...


...because, you're having too much fun rockin' out...

...and...**heavy sigh**...still.

I can't help but feel sad for Little Man - my husband has been putting in god-awfully long hours at work, even on weekends (read: hey, big banking dudes, would it kill ya' to give the poor bastard a day off!?!?) - but, I've been just as distracted.

There's the typical back-to-school stuff to deal with (being Thing Two's last year before Jr. High, Thing One developing way too fast over the summer looking like a junior in high school at 12 and stressing about Mini-Me in full-day kindergarten) not to mention, caring for ailing parents and trying to keep a house (in dire need of repair) from falling down around my ears...along with everything else!

There's just not enough Momma to go know what I mean?

It still makes me sad, but Little Man is going to have learn how to deal...just like the rest of us...and then the phone rings:

"'s Soccer-Coach-Mom...I'd like to sneak in a quick practice, tomorrow...if Little Man is avail..."

[squeals like girl]
"OMG...oh...he is soooo available...that would be GREAT!...I'm soooo excited...he's gonna be soooo excited...he'll be there with bells on!"

Okay, poor choice of words - but, the woman's a good friend of mine (read:  knows I'm whacked!) and has three boys who have been willing surrogates (of the male sibling kind) in the past.

Running, kicking and screaming his head off is just what Little Man needs - did I mention the fact that two out of three of my girls are also playing soccer!?! - and something that he, Thing Two and Mini-me have in common!

That's something, at least.

Morale of story:  I may not be able to deal with all of the kids, some of the time...but, I can certainly deal with some of the mean...some times the deal is...D' know what I mean.

Look, I've been doing this mommy-gig for the last thirteen years...and the one thing I've learned is:

"Break out the champagne and the rubber sheets, because I still don't know what the hell I'm doing...and that's okay."

But, I can be one rockin' Soccer Mom - and I don't even need to use any of my husbands balls, either!!


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