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My husband sent me this picture - he snapped the other morning with his cell phone - of me, Thing Two and Mini-Me sleeping in triple-spooning fashion.  And I think it illustrates how tight our family's sleeping arrangements can be, perfectly.

No one goes to sleep (or gets up) in the same bed, twice.

My husband falls asleep on the couch and wakes up (either) in a funk (or) with the dog's snout placed somewhere it ought not to be, naturally.

My three girls share a room and go to sleep in their respective beds, but almost always are doing the triple-spooning thing by daybreak.

Like this morning.

I didn't take a picture because...well...I was just too ding-danged tired to find the camera and can't freakin' find my cell phone.

Yes, I tried calling it - but, I guess it needs to be charged...or something.

But, you know what?

It's really, really hot and - I'm really, really tired - I forget things, sometimes.

Like, when you decide (on the spur of the moment) to take a romantic midnight swim - very late on a hot summer night - make sure the children are ASLEEP!


"Ah, man...this feels sooooo...good!" 

[practicing some underwater-spooning]
" should have been in here, earlier...the kids were farting and pretending they had a jacuzzi!"

"EWWWWW...are you guys...NAKED!?!"

Talk about a shock - instant jacuzzi, man!

But, hey...the hubs and I work very hard...and we're, a quick, relaxing dip is certainly worth the few hours they spend on some head-shrinker's couch...yes?  

I'm also tired of getting up in the middle of the night - due to my weak bladder that never fails to remind me that I have given birth...four times - and finding someone, somewhere, they ought not to be.

And as I carefully made my way to the bathroom, I noticed the light peeking from underneath the girls' door and the faint sound of the television...again.

I slowly (and as quietly as possible) opened the door and saw Thing Two, sitting criss-cross-applesauce on Mini-Me's bed, watching television and!?!

"Got any fwees?"

[reaches for clicker]
"Nuh-uh...go fish!"

"If I tell you more time...NOT to turn this television on in the middle of the night...I am going to take away your computer privileges, to!"


Did I mention that my son sleeps in his sister's room....sometimes....and especially in the summer....on the floor in a sleeping bag and doesn't....move....a....muscle....even when I accidentally kick him in the head?!?


I can hear 'em now, "So, tell me about your mother."

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