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Parenting Tip# 1,873,009 - Burning your candles from both ends will NOT keep you from melting on a soccer field!

I was invited to a neighbor's house for one of those pampered candle home goods Mary Kay-type thingies and - since, it is one of those rare moments when I actually get to go out of my sit, talk with other moms and know...grown-up drinks - I ran home from soccer practice (we had two scheduled for Friday before dinner, of course!) took a quick shower, grabbed my stuff, crammed a Dunkin' Donuts munchkin in my mouth, blew kisses to the kids and reminded my husband that I would most likely be home very, very late. Who'm I... Read more →

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Motherhood, Uninterrupted!

 When I took this picture of the kids at the end of June, I felt so worn-out by the school year (and looked it, too - judging from any of the pictures with me in them...GAWD!) but, what I remember most from Mini-Me's graduation from nursery school (besides being impressed by how Little Man was very moved by the end-of-the-year program to the point of...hysterical...snorting snot and crying, "Mini-Me is...[SNORT]...growing up...[SOB]...sooooo fast!")  is how much we all looked forward to spending a nice, long, hot, quiet home. Who was I kidding - it was one of the... Read more →

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Summer Vacation - experiencing second thoughts along with a complete loss of power - Day 71

 [sound of crickets] Funny, isn't it? [sniffs a slight hint of mold and mildew] One minute, you're having breakfast with the kids and contemplating an entire weekend open to all sorts of fun possibilities. [steps on, what looks like, half a cricket] And...BAM! [and partial remains of...I dunno what?!?] Or...more accurately...BOOM! [oh that poop!?!] The lights go out. [hit with an overwhelming desire to scream] And your entire world seems to turn...upside...the frig...down! This was the first weekend my husband has had off in FIVE weeks and -- even though it's been raining like a BITCH for the... Read more →

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