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Picture Perfect Thursday - An Apple A Day


Juicy and sweet; bright; crispy when fresh; sometimes slightly tart; with a flavor all its own:  these were a few of the words commonly used on the handout labeled, "How to know your apples,"  we received at the pick-your-own orchard that Mini-Me and I visited earlier today.


As I was thinking back on the field trip - alone, again, in my car - how those words can also be used to describe my five-year-old daughter.

Juicy and sweet.

Lined up, wearing name tags and holding hands like a bunch of little criminals, I quickly recognized Mini-Me (she's one of the smallest ones in her class) and, with her hands shielding her eyes from the bright sun, she broke from the ranks, reached around my neck with both her arms, kissed me smack on the lips and introduced me, saying:

"This one's MINE!"  


Her teacher separated the class into groups of four and as I tried to remember each of my new charges' names (pigtails, redhead, and curly-top) Mini-Me quickly ran ahead of the group, reached for my hand and quiety said:

"Now, wee-member...deer are a-wot of kids't lose me!"

Crispy when fresh.

There were two other adults in my group (curly-top's dad and gradma).  One of them was going down the list of "things to talk about," then reminded the kids not to pick any of the fallen apples and Mini-Me turned, placed her hands on her hips and said:

"Teacher told us, wike, a hun-dwed times...we KNOW dat, ah-weddy!"

Sometimes slightly tart.

After each of the children picked their allowed quota of "two apples - only!" we agreed it was time to head back to the "weigh station," where Mini-me thought:

" are way out, Momma, 'cause you might bwake it!"

With a flavor all its own.

After we...I mean the APPLES...were weighed, her teacher asked us if she could take a picture of Mini-Me  Another mom (her oldest went to preschool with my Little Man) turned toward us and reminded me that this would probably be one of the last "apple-picking trips" I'd be able to go on and Mini-Me agreed:

"Yah...'cuz I'm in kinder-garden...and we-wee bwave...and she just cw-eyes way too much, anymore!"

Perhaps an apple a day does keep the doctor away - but, nothing does this frazzled, tired-out, headachey and cries-way-too-much-anymore-Momma good, like a big 'ole dose of Mini-Me!

But, you'll have to go and pick your own - 'cuz this one's MINE!

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