Picture Perfect Thursday - Mom & Me
Shh! I’m hiding. Be quiet everyone. That includes me. Shh! Who’s making that noise? Oh, it’s me again…

Shuddup and just smile for the crazy lady, already!

Only 9 more sleeps until Halloween and, typically, the kids would have their costumes picked out, I would be discussing Thanksgiving plans with both sides of the family already and - compounded by the excitement about the upcoming birthdays of my three oldest in Nov, Dec & Jan (NO I DON'T know what I was thinking!) - our family celebrates this time of year in a fevered-pitch!

But, this year - Autumn at This Full House of muddy paws and crunchy feet - has turned out to be anything BUT typical.

Then again, I really can't remember the last time our family did any of those...you know...well-planned family-type sort of things.

My poor kids.

Having me for a mother - who's not feeling herself, unless she's running like a chicken with her head cut off and talking in the third person...SHEESH! - they've had to learn to live life on the fly.

To enjoy each day as it comes and each moment for what it's worth, so to speak.

This weekend, we visited my dad and - since my mom is still in the hospital and will be for the next few weeks - we asked our two oldest if they would consider staying with their Papa and keep him company in a last-minute overnight.

"No sweat...we'll hang with him, Momma!"

"Yep...we got your back, Momma!"

The two youngest - not so much.
"What...NO FAIR!...why can't we stay, too!?!"

"Yeah...I wanna sweep over Papa's house, too!"

So, yesterday, my husband and I stopped at one of my mother's (as well as my kid's) favorite places - I could still smell the apple cider donuts at Delicious Orchards...YUM! - to pick up a couple of pomegranites, hoping that they would be enticing enough for her to try and eat....something.

Because we can only get pomegranites in October...'round these parts...I realized once again, that it is Autumn...and went nucking futs in front of about a bazillion other more...um...normal day trekkers.

"Oooohhh...look...PUMPKINS!...quick, you guys...go stand over there...by the pumpkins, over there...and let me take your picture...how cute ARE those pumpkins!?!"

Look at my poor son's face - doesn't it just scream:
"Shuddup and just smile for the crazy lady." 

Later, we met up with the girls for pizza and headed over to the rehab center to see my Mom.

She's doing much better (and she thanks you so much for your kind thoughts, EVERYONE...as do I!) and has promised to seek further treatment, once she recovers from the double-knee replacement (yes, Prescott...just typing the words...makes me wanna cringe!) so, I am happy to report that we all well on our way on the road to complete recovery and that things are getting back to...you know...more normal. 


"Oooohhh...look...cornstalks...AND MUMS!...quick..."

Thank God for camera phones - just look at there faces - how else would I prove to my kids that having me for a Mom was soooo much fun!?!


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