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Picture Perfect Thursday - Thirteen First Dates

Black Eyes, Crow’s Feet and Pumpkin Guts…


We enjoyed our pumpkin day together, right before my mom went into the hospital - or, "Da hosipal," as my youngest would say - and, though her sisters and brother had no desire to get this involved, my attempts at continuing our tradition of celebrating Fall...with the ritualistic tearing into pumpkin guts...did not go unappreciated by Mini-Me.

In fact, anything that is declared gross, or "totally bees-gusting," as mandatory...well...the kid just about dives in!


Not so much.

"Ewwww...this is gross!"

Mini-Me just smiled, reached in and pulled out another handful of Jack:
"AND...totally bees-gusting!"


I hate having my picture taken - and there aren't many of my kids, that include me - for a reason.

"Ugh...that's sooo gross!"

I gave the picture back to Mini-me and she stared at it for a few minutes before finally shrugging her shoulders.
"'s not gwoss...we didn't even give him a face, yet!"

"No...not the pumpkin...MOMMY!"


I reached for the picture.
"Look...see...I don't look good pictures, like you do...mommy's eyes always come out puffy and black and...HOLY CROW...but, they look crooked in this one, see!?!"

Yesterday, dad and I brought mom home from the hospital and - after I put up a pot of soup, ran some errands and did some food shopping for them - I got home soon after suppertime and was going over my plans for the rest of the week with my husband, when Mini-Me walked into the kitchen, frowing.
"Are you coming to da' How-oh-ween pawade?"

I kneeled down and gave Mini-Me a big hug.
"Yep, someone else is gonna watch Mama and Papa for me and I don't have to go back until after tomorrow - I wrote and told teacher I would be able to help, remember!?!"

She gave me one those impish smiles (see picture above) and hugged me back.
"YAY...I'm sooo gwad...'cause, I ah-weddy telled-did my fwends 'dat you were coming and told-did 'dem to just wook for 'da mommy wif two bwak eyes and a wee-wee cwooked nose...and told-did teacher NOT to take your pitch-her...'cause you ah-ways wook wee-wee gwoss!"

[blank stare]

Phew....I'm so glad, to!

Good thing she didn't mention anything about my having crows feet and a wee-wee greasy face - or else, I'd have the whole kindergarten class pukin' - Happy Halloween, everyone!

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