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Monday Morning With Rudee

How I plan to save the world, one cookie at a time!

Ever since the kids were little - I mean, littlier than Mini-Me - they've loved to hang out in the kitchen and, especially this time of year, we do A LOT of baking.

Not that I'm all know...domestic, or anything - though, our family does seem to spend a lot of our time here and the kitchen is probably the cleanest room in the house -  but, the nights have been getting chillier and - though the days are still hitting in the high 60' to low 70's - we try not to turn the heat on until absolutely necessary.

Like, when the kids start to complain that their feet are cold - because...hey!...heaven forbid they find their slippers or put on a pair of socks - or, we begin to see the first signs of frost and the dog's snot begins to crystalize on the front door's window.

Well,'s probably time to break out the Lysol and turn up the heat.

In the meantime, the kids and I have simply become accustomed to putting on a sweater and then...we bake!


"'s nice and warm in here and...SNIFF...something smells!"

This was the first weekend my husband's been home, since before I turned the oven on, and he hasn't been able to catch any of our kids' soccer games.  So, he was more than happy to be Soccer Mom...I mean...Dad, for the day.

And, since it was a cold and rainy morning, I was more than happy to let him!

3 hours later.

"Here...try this one!"

And, as I shoved another cookie from the third batch that morning - oatmeal raisin, I think - in his mouth, he started looking a know...less enthusiastic about having to eat...another...freakin'...cookie!
"What's the matter, doesn't it taste good?"

[shakes head]
"Numpf...if's not's just that, I believe you're trying to kill me."

[eyes go wide]
"How could you say that...I mean...I'm baking cookies...from scratch, mind you...for the last 3 hours...nothing but baking...with the kids...saving you some not running the heating bill up...and I'm trying to kill you?"

[nods head]
" does the oven run on?"

[blank stare]

Hey, I didn't say I was a rocket scientist - but, DAYUM if my kids don't love to bake and, as my son said:

"Momma sure makes a killer cookie!"


At least Mini-Me (pictured above) would seem to agree - sometimes it's good to hang with the Momma...but, it sure ain't rocket science!

Perhaps next time, I'll tell you about how I plan to give my brain to science and save the world - not to mention my children - from Dorks...LIKE ME!


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