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Monday Morning With Rudee

Loooooook into my are getting sleepy...veeeeeeery sleepy!


Now, listen to me...carefully.

You will NOT feel guilty spending your Monday your blog...with me...or worry about whether or not you should rather be food shopping or doing the laundry.

In fact, you LOVE Mondays and will forget about the worry and stress you feel about the rest of the week.

You will no longer feel tired or grumpy and absolutely adore any signs of puffiness, redness and/or eye-baggage.

You ARE a wonderful person and we are ALL very lucky to know you. 

Your kids will NOT grow up warped, just because you've forgotten to pack their lunch, send in a snack, sign up for a class trip, cooked an ALL carb meal, said a curse word, or called them by the wrong name...again.

And, more importantly, you LOVE your dog to the moon and back, regardless of the fact that he may have ripped-up an entire box of tissues, chewed-up your favorite pair of sneakers and perhaps gotten into the cupboard and eaten the last of the cat food...again.

I'm just sayin'

When I count to will awaken...and remember nothing...other than how much you LOVE Mondays!





It's Monday?

YEE-HA and yippee calle...motherf**ker - pass the doggy biscuits - 'cause if this morning didn't kill me, nothing will!

Hang in there with me...'kay...'cause it's gonna be one helluva week...but, we can do me!

Just look into my PUFFY eyes...

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