Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: Pomegranites, it’s what’s for dinner!
How about a little more Halloween, to go with your Thanksgiving?!?

I don’t think early Native Americans even ate salty corn chips or spoke like Scooby Doo, did they!?!


Today was "Native American Indian Day" and - as it is one of the many highlights in every kindgartener's year - I was very pleased to be able to join in the pre-Thanksgiving festivities at my two youngests' school.

Mini-Me was apart of the "purple tribe" (her favorite color, btw!) and I was supposed to man (or woman) the "cranberry station" but, was bumped (along with another mom) to the "snack station."

Easy, yes?

I've dealt with hungry...sweaty...tired...over-stimulted and often times cranky children, before - I thought dolling out the apple juice and corn chips a bit of a cushy job, actually.

So did my fellow-mommy-helper.

Heck, we had a system - I handled the juice, while she took over plating up the corn chips - and the first two tribes (out of ten, I think) weren't even that hungry.

So, we did what most mother's do - a little chit-chat and soon, we discovered that we had a lot of things in common.

Both our husbands worked in the financial industry, we were SAHM who are in the midst of re-examining (so to speak) our lives and worried way too much about our kids, their future, hated food shopping, our diets...and so on...and so on...
But, one of the most sensitive issues (for the both of us) was that we are, unfortunately, also migraine sufferers.

"When was the last time you had one?"

[shrugs shoulders and refilling juice cups]
"Um...a few weeks ago, actually...and then my house caught on fire."

[eyes go wide]

I filled her in on my bad luck and how yesterday's freaky Nor'easter (I mean, wtf is up with all the storms, lately!?!) and how our electricity dimming and flickering on and off (five times) gives me (and my kids) the willies, when she - obviously feeling very comfortable - turned the tides on our conversation towards topics.

Past history.

"So, you have a seven-year-old son, too...who did he have for kindergarten?"

[blinking away the floaters]
"Oh, um...Mrs. you want me to take over with the corn chips?"

[raises eyebrow]
"Did you like her?"

[scratches at chin, trying to ignore underground zit]
"Uh...I guess she was okay...but, like...well, her room is very small and always seemed so discombobulated and nothing ever seemed to go smoothly for my son...and I really don't think that Mrs. Very-Well-Liked-Except-By-Me handled some of know...more sensitive issues...very well, at all."

[raises both eyebrows]
"Oh what?"


Now, I'm going to break into the story here for a minute to explain to those who DO NOT suffer from migraines that - although the physicians I've seen have all different opinions on this issue - one of the key triggers to most migraine is food, namely (in my case) salt.

Let's continue and I'll try to keep the conclusion of my story, brief.


[munching on chips]

" son had an accident the very first week of school and...I come to learn that she has this policy about kids going to the bathroom...while she's teaching...and let's just say was son was terribly embarrassed...and she sort know...poo-poo'd it under the rug."

Her eyes went real wide and I followed her gaze to the classroom door to find...YUP!...Mrs. Very-Well-Liked-Except-By-Me casually walking towards the "snack center."

[flashing a gummy smile]

"Oh...HI! ARE you...I didn't realize that you had ANOTHER this age level!?!"

[shoves a handful of chips into mouth]
"HUH...rye, RES...res rye do!"

My mommy-helper looked as uneasy as I did - minus spitting food all over herself - and was soon to prove a quick recovery.
"All the more to enjoy Native American Indian Day...right, Liz...more chips!?!"

Morale of today's story: You can't pick your nose...but, you can pick your friends...even when you didn't count on it...especially in school...or...something like that.

Quick, somebody shove a cranberry in my mouth...and shut me up...because my head is really starting feel yucky...and I guess I better stop now...before I hurt myself!?!

TGIF - have pity for the rest of us turkies and consider a chicken for Thanksgiving, instead!

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