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Star Wars, Living Lego-less & Versing Mini-Me

In the neverending search for peace and tranquility - not to mention the cutting down of as much whining as possible - in our little corner of the empire, I have allowed my seven-year-old son to host his first sleep-over Friday, inviting his best friend from school for what promises to be a night filled with much yelling (man, boys are LOUD!) stomping and jumping on furniture, as the two boys make a valiant effort to battle hostile forces from the dark side.

My three girls.

Look, it's not like I can't say as I blame them - the boys, I mean - after all, being born female...and raising three girls of my own...trust me when I say that...girls are harder than boys!

I'm not saying raising boys is easy - remember...I have one of those, too! - they're just...different.

For example:

"Five minute warning - we are going to school in FIVE MINUTES - finish up and be ready to leave in five minutes!"

And three girls go nuts as they try and put on their socks...shoes...hair-thingies...deodorant...a different shirt...another pair of pants...that matches the shirt, better...more deodorant...backpacks...whatever...at the very last minute...and barely make it out of their bedroom - that looks very much like a casualty of war, by the way - alive and in one piece!

The boy?

"What...we have school, today!?"

Either way, I'm screwed.

But, I do feel - having three sisters and no brother...to speak of...[knocking on wood]...anytime, soon...or, ever...if the husband knows what's good for him - as if my son is at a disadvantage.

Living in a houseful of girls - not to mention a very hormonal mother - can be real hard!

So, I often times take advantage of Car-pooling Mom's suggestion of sending him around the corner, to her house, to play with her three sons and...more importantly...no girls!

But, lots and lots of Legos.

"They even got the new Lego Star Wars...you know...like, the first one...that we don't have...but, you rented from Blockbuster...but, this is the second one...that you won't probably buy, either...because it's like, forty-five-hundred dollars...or, something...so, "J" is gonna ask his mom...if he can bring it over...so we can verse each other on Friday...because, you know...it's probably still too expensive...and you won't buy it...probably!"

Probably not.

But, that's okay - that's what friends with lots of cool toys and plenty of brothers to share are for, right? - allowing his friend to stay over will surely make up for being such a cheapskate!


Heaven knows saving him from versing Mini-Me - who still insists that crying, "No fair," or "Girls go first," and "You should let me win because I'm still yiddle!" actually does increase her chances of winning - no doubt, will give me a run for my money!

[heavy sigh]

I don't know how this weekend will turn out, but - especially, since I'm supposed be taking my newly-teenaged-daughter and a bunch of her girlfriends to the mall on Saturday and...MAN!...is it just me...or, do all kids' birthdays have to last soooooooo long? - UGH!...I know...it's only Monday.

It's gonna be a tough week, kids!

May the force be with you and keep me from tearing my hair out - or, I'll have to go all Darth Vader on your collective little asses!


Don't make me have to destroy you!

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