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Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: Perplexed in the City

As many of you may already know - especially, those of you who know me in real life, but like - I am NOT the best traveler in the blogosphere. No, I don't mean surfing your blogs - that would fall under the category of "things mommy actually LIKES to do" - and I don't mean in real life, either. Put me in a car, strap the kids down with a few snacks, turn on the radio, pop in a piece of bubble gum (sugarless, of course) and I'm good to go. Planes and trains - not so much.... Read more →

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Because I’m older, wiser and probably have way more stretch marks than you, too!

I'm not one for giving parenting advice - not being able to follow simple instructions and accused of being less than cooperative, myself ownself - but, sometimes I find myself in the position of having to either agree, disagree or strongly suggest that a person teach their child to use phones, properly! [phone rings] "Is Thing One there?" Silence. "Hello?" [clearing throat] "Yes?" [cough] " Thing One, there?" Silence. "Hello, can you hear me?" [sigh] "Yes...but, who am I speaking to?" [hestating even more] "Um...oh...this is So-and-So." Silence. "Hello?" [hesitating] "Yes?" [heavy sigh] "Oh, I get Thing One's Mom...this... Read more →

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Yet another testimony to the power of being able to make children cheer and grown men cry!

My father is going back into the hospital - since, my mom is feeling better and it's his turn, anyway...dammit! - and though this round of surgery is not life threatening, I do believe that this time, his going under the knife (for the 10th time in three years) will undoubtedly prove to be my family's undoing! "Hi, Sweetie..." [&#@%] "...just wanted to let you know..." [%@#&] "...your father and I are home." [cough] " everything okay?" [&#@%] "Hmmm?" [%@#&] "Oh, that...yes, your father's just trying to take his [blankety-blank] jacket off..." [muffled voice] "WOULD YOU JUST CALM DOWN...FOR THE... Read more →

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