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The best part about giving birth is when my husband does NOT think it is that easy, either, along with other things anyone can do with a glue gun!


After 2-1/2 hours of labor -- not to mention, enough time for me to get the grocery shopping done -- my husband helped give birth to my son's idea of the perfect brother, as his science recycle project, last night.

"Ah, he's adorable - what's his name, honey?"

I quickly took a picture with my camera phone of - what I thought - was the cutest little robot, I'd ever seen! But, you know, I could have sworn I'd seen the look on my husband's face, before.

"It' mean,, wait...Spike...yeah, that's it...his name is Spike Dude!"

Let's see - face all swollen, red and looking a little blotchy - yep, I've definitely seen this look before.

"Oh, that's a good name - for a robot, I mean - you and Daddy did a really great job, while I was gone!"

Oh, man.

"Yes, a son!"

Apparently, judging by the way my husband was clenching his teeth, it wasn't an easy delivery.

"Um...okay...but, it IS amazing, what you can do when you have a little time, patience and a glue gun, huh!?!"


"Um...okay...but, thanks for helping him...but, you know I really wouldn't have had the time to get the food shopping done, tomorrow...and...uh...well, giving birth is a lot harder, actually!"


"Okay, already...he's not the easiest kid to work with, I know...but, you and I don't work well in the kitchen, either...and he IS a lot like you, you know!?!?"

Apparently, not - perhaps, giving birth would have been easier - but, at least I know where NOT to touch a glue gun and that baby bots do NOT look like utters, for goodness sake...growing on the top of its head!

"Do you like his brain - it is the best part and the easiest to make - because, it was your idea, Momma!"

On second thought, don't worry, honey - welcome to the family, Spike Dude - I'm sure that now, at least, you see it's not always fun being the mommy. But, I also understand your fascination with women's breasts and how, this time, it turned out to be a really good thing!

Next week - things you can do around the house by simply using a pair of high heels, a stapler, some toothpaste and a woman's keen sense of proportion.

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Some more linky love from a thinking blogger...

Latte Man tagged me (AGAIN!) and this time he says it's because I make him think:

"Thank goodness I am NOT married to THAT lunatic!"

Okay, he didn't say it quite like that (not out loud, anyways) and - although, I am honored to have been named a "thinking blogger" - I also believe that this is a very difficult meme to participate in and not only because I am NOT very good at following rules, either:

1.  If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2.  Link to "this post" so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3.  Optional:  proudly display the "Thinking Blogger Award" with a link to the post that you wrote.

So, I'm going to bend them (a little) and attempt to post a link to the blogs on my Full House Blogroll, along with 5 words that immediately come to mind, for each:

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Phew, some meme's can really make a person's eyes bleed, huh!?!

[rubs eyes and reaches for the Midol]

If you see your name or you've been tagged already - do NOT panic -  just passing along some linky love.

[shoots evil glare at Latte Man]

Be content in knowing that I think that all of you guys are know...awesome...and think some of you should be at least, do NOT have to live with me!

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For Heather: Today, I'll take my Monday served wet and fuzzy!

If you've visited here, before - and especially if you've ever had the opportunity of spending the weekend at our house - then, you know that I am NOT a big fan of Mondays and perhaps equally, if not less, enthusiastic about mornings, as well.

Considering the fact that a Nor'easter has settled over the east coast, is working its way up and it's been raining cold since Saturday night, well, let's just say that the drip...tink...drip...tink...drip of our leaky roof is driving me to the edge of insanity.

I could use some hot chocolate, but I don't have a pot to spare!

With that said, this has to be one of the most beautiful Mondays I've ever had the pleasure blogging, since reading an email and visiting with Jamie and her very Blonde Mom Blog's "go read it today" post. Because, if I hadn't, I certainly wouldn't be feeling as warm and fuzzy, like now, or lucky to have followed her link over to BooMama.  You see, it's not the first time I've been to her blog - I participated in her web-a-thon, for Kelli - and I believe that BooMama is the kind of blogger that any of us would be more than honored to call, friend, as she rallies the internet to help yet another blogger:

I never dreamed that Heather, my talented, sweet, funny blog designer, would find out that she has a brain tumor. And I never dreamed that a second situation where our blogging community can so tangibly make a difference would cross our paths so soon.

Okay, get ready to the warm and fuzzy part, here's what she's thinking.

So on Wednesday, April 18, we’re going to have an opportunity to love on Heather and her family. Heather and her husband Mark will be leaving April 25th for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota - the number one neurosurgery hospital in the country. The fact that Heather even got an appointment is a miracle, and there is absolutely no telling what further miracles God will do through the hands of the gifted physicians there.

So, I'm totally copying Jamie - because, she's very pretty - and following Plain Jane Mom lead in asking that you please take a moment and go read BooMama and Heather, today and I bet you, crumpled dollars to soggy donuts, that your Monday will seem just a little bit brighter, like mine!

God's speed, Heather.

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Picture Perfect Thursday - Stinky, sticky and a little sweet.


My husband thoughtfully emailed me this picture, today - though, I didn't ask him to and he most likely did not read my blog - because, he lives with me and knows, you know, just how crazy our house can get.

"I don't have to read your blog - I live it!"

It can't get anymore real than an unsolicited testimonial to the wonderfulness of me - straight from the husband's mouth and coming from someone who should know - but, here's the thing, if only he knew how much this blog makes our life sound, look, feel and probably even taste a whole lot better, too.

I can say things here, that I would perhaps never think about admitting to in the real world, because - not only am I probably too tired, running very late or often times rendered speechless by a situation and unable to respond - I am NOT that quick!

What I wouldn't give for a verbal delete button - like today.

"I hate this house!"


Seriously, it's pouring rain out and I'm stuck inside with a smell that I haven't been able to identify in days and a pile of laundry large enough to lose a small child - okay, an adult of average size would do just fine living in such downy softness - so, why do I act surprised when people wonder what is it I do all day!?!


Clearly, it's NOT spent folding clothes - heaven forbid, I disturb the cat!

"If I had a dollar for each time I cleaned up someone else's mess and picked up a towel off the floor, well, I still wouldn't be getting paid enough to live here!"

Perhaps an industrial strength eraser would be in order, because I don't believe that even Mr. Clean could have handled the verbal diarrhea I was flinging.

"What's wrong with you?"

GAH - oh, nothing a cook, dry cleaner, maid, priest, secretary, therapist, week in the tropics, witch doctor and perhaps a bulldozer couldn't handle - I'm sure!


Good. Excellent. In fact, a brilliant example of what it's like living with a woman in need of an exorcism, if there ever was one, I tell you!

I hate it when that happens - I think of what I should have said, after - and what I meant to say is...

"I had a really great time on vacation. It was only two days. But, I don't think I've ever laughed, or enjoyed nearly each and every moment, as much as I did in that brief period of, you know, spent just loving being around you. You are a good husband, a great friend, a wonderful dad and the kids and I are, wait...well, I can't think of the word, right now. Although, I can be a total dork and there are times when you act like a total ass, I know that my life would NOT have been the the same, without you. I wish you didn't have to work so much and I certainly don't want spend my time, alone, doing laundry!"

That's it.

Now that I think on it some more, he probably already knows - being it's Picture Perfect Thursday - he did send me that email, so, I guess he misses us likes me, sort of.


Thanks for the sweet reminder, honey!

Oh, and by the way, if you do happen to find your way here and managed to get through this post without feeling all sticky, I love you!


Excuse the mess and step away from the pots, because the ceiling is leaking and I don't really give a fiddler's fart!


GAH -I think I just figured it out!

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If I woke up tomorrow with my head fused to the laptop, I would NOT be more surprised than I am now.

Top100momblog_2 Who am I to pass up a chance to celebrate, just a little!?!?

The kind and very generous people over at Mother's Day Central put together their first list of Top 100 Mom Blogs and - all you'd have to do is take a good look around, here - imagine my surprise to come home from a looooong two day road trip)and find This Full House of rotting apples and stinky luggage to be in such fine bloggity company, including some of my most, most of who are just about ready to pop a kid, and are still blogging!?!

I know what you're thinking - these people be trippin'! - but, it's so nice to know that a itty-bitty blog (like mine) can inspire at least one person to, you know, send a broken-out-and-severely-premenstrual-old-momma (like me) some pretty flowers, not to mention a few kind words, even.

"We Think Mom Bloggers Deserve a Little Recognition...Hey we all know that moms work hard. But mom bloggers work hard, and run blogs. We think that deserves a little extra recognition.  After all, mom bloggers are also helping other moms."

My sentiments, exactly!

Though, they did admit to having trouble "categorizing" some blogs (like mine) and - never one to conform totally to any truly rational explanation, trust me - I can't blame them and trust folks understand that I really don't expect anything more than the warm, fuzzy feeling I'm having inside, right now.

For that, I am truly thankful - did I mention it's cold, here in Jersey!?!?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, raising children is hard.  Blogging is even harder. There hasn't been a day that's gone by - especially, since the nearly four years I've been blogging - when I don't question myself or wonder whether or not I'm doing the right thing.

To most folks, probably not.

But, my blog is one of only a few places, where I can go and actually hear myself think and meet other mommy (and daddy) bloggers, who - though, it can seem an ugly sort of word, sometimes - don't always agree, but at least know...they listen!

Don't let my feeble attempts at appearing humble and smart, fool you - compared to anyone of these BlogHers, I am a bumbling idiot - I take great pride in knowing that my blog has made such a list and that, at the end of the day, I can close my laptop and look forward to getting through another day of surprising the living crap out of those around me, including myself!

For that, alone - thank you just doesn't seem to cut it - well, it's enough of a reason to celebrate and acknowledge the fact that my children should perhaps be eternally grateful, too!

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