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Blog Me 2007 - Who the heck are you?

In less than a week, I am about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life - since becoming a mom, anyway - and I'm excited to be able to attend this year's BlogHer Conference in Chicago, where I hope to have the pleasure of finally getting together with some of the bloggiest...mommies...I've been reading...for a long time...and who I am dying to meet...face-to-face!

They've allowed me to escape into a private little world - though, quite undeservedly named and rather unpleasant to the ear - blogging has simply become a refuge from, you know, the average, every day, same old-same old.

[breaths in deep]

No need to get dressed, or put on airs with me - what you see is what you get - you don't even need to bother brushing your teeth, if you don't want to!

Heaven knows, I don't and look forward to your visit, anyway.

Traveling across the country, to a strange city, sharing the bathroom with three other women and representing nothing more, than myself, in front of hundreds of other bloggers, in something other than pajamas - not so much!


As if I could do ANYTHING, in ten seconds - besides shave my legs, hide under the covers and make up flimsy excuses for the amount of dirty laundry, or dust bunnies of enormous size, of course - but, Mocha Mom has this great way of knowing just what it takes to make a person feel, you know, welcome.

So, what can I say...about myself...that sums me up in a nut shell - shuddup! - well, since I'm already late for an appointment (I know, act surprised) how about this?

  • Mother of 4, subhuman caretaker to 2 cats and 1 sock-eating Doofus-dog.
  • Lover of multi-functional gadgets and slayer of all appliances proved either slow and/or inefficient.
  • Wife, of nearly 17 years, to The Hubs - rarely photographed, but is said to be a cross between Dennis Miller and Garth Brooks.
  • Born under the sign of Gemini and a very proud twin sister to a Sgt. 1st Class - Go Army!
  • Daughter to a doer and a dreamer.
  • Loved by many; even though she's a total DORK!

Sounds more like a epitaph - I know! - but, I haven't flown in nearly 15 years and I do believe that the 2 1/2 hour ride just may kill me!

If anyone needs me, I'll be cleaning, packing and white-knuckling my way through the week!


[Edited to add....]

Oh, and - just so you know - anyone can join in on the fun and give a 10 second interview of their own. Go ahead. It's always nice to learn something new about the people you love. And...because I said so.

If you are going to BlogHer, look for me - I'll be scoring some major points over at Cool Mom Picks - take a picture with me, because I'll be the blogger:

  • Using a pen and paper - take my laptop and risk losing, or breaking it...are you kidding me!?! - 10 points
  • You now love but who you have never read/knew before - I'm just saying! - 5 points
  • With the same first name as you - Busy Mom, Table4five, Mom101, Liz Henry, Liz Rizzo, - 15 points, EACH

I'm just saying.

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