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BlogHer, hug her and make her feel creepy...

Yes, I'm back - albeit, a little tired and missing a few more brain cells than usual - and you'll have to excuse the mess.

This is the first time I've sat down in days - seriously, first thing I did was get back from BlogHer, sleep for 4 hours and then take the kids to Six Flags, because I was away from home...FOR FOUR DAYS...alone, and without them, and the summer's almost over, and they, you know, haven't had ANY fun, yet - and I still haven't unpacked, blogged or, anything.

Family comes first, yes?

My BIL is visiting from California (yes, they tagged along with us, yesterday and are just as tired) so, we're heading into visit some of our favorite museums.


Great, more walking - the one thing I did NOT think I'd get to do a lot of at BlogHer '07 and nearly killed me - and you see those beautiful women up there? Except for the dork...second from the left...I am absolutely bananas about Jenny, gone crazy in love with Amber, don't believe I've met anyone as balanced, or felt as connected with as this woman, and Shannon (who, I have met once before and expressed my love for, already) brought out the big Phat dork in me and made me spray soda out of my nose at the airport!


These beautiful women - that's Lisa (a.k.a. Midwestern Mommy) on the left and don't pay too much attention to the sleepy-looking Dork on the far right - are the closest thing to a posse I've ever had the pleasure of, you know, hanging with!


More on that, and Dana, later.

But, before I left for Chicago, I tried to quiet my nerves - by reading blogs, you say? - and found an interesting post that did have me a little worried (you really ought to stop doing that, LatteMan!) about the lack of drama in the blogging world and the conversations that BlogHers have been known to stir up:

"Of course, I am sure that will end next week, as the back biting, insults, and opinions fly once everybody returns from BlogHer. Who snubbed who? Who said the wrong thing, or spoke to the wrong person, or didn't bunk with the right people? Who didn't get the recognition they deserve.  It will be entertaining to say the least, though I certainly feel bad for the sponsors and organizers that have to try and keep these events from getting permanently attached as the inevitable consequences of the conference. To be sure it is not most people, it is in fact a very select few, but vocal they certainly are."

I'd hoped he was wrong, though.

This was my first time attending the BlogHer Conference and I, for one, did not plan on snubbing anyone. Since, you know, I'm nobody special. I was too busy stalking (not to mention, staring down) Busy Mom - she's probably used to it, anyway - and eating all the chocolatety desserts I can find, thank you!

To my surprise, I acted just the high school.

I drifted in and out of groups - because, birds of a feather really do flock together and you can't really blame them - and I pretty much made friends with everyone (and anyone) who was kind enough to reach out their hand, smile and pretend that they really did know me, really.

But, here's the thing - I wasn't feeling it.

Oh sure, there were a handful of bloggers I approached - but, I never did get up the courage to introduce myself, officially (yes, I am that big Dork) - who smiled at me and ran then other way well, they where just too busy working their way through being very successful.

I got that.

But, I respectfully have to disagree with LatteMan - I don't feel bad for the sponsors and organizers, one bit - well, perhaps Pay Per Post and PBS, but more on that, sooner than later - because, one of the inevitable consequences of the conference is (and was, in my opinion) that marketers will come away knowing that women of the world (hello, to my new blogging friends in Germany!) we ALL have a very distinct and powerful voice.

No matter our age, size, color, or whether we speak in UPPERCASE, or no.

We come from different backgrounds (spiritually, economically and sometimes even a bit frenetically) and that's what makes the blogging world so unique.

This weekend proved (to me, at least) that we (and I mean women, in particular) can come together, eat, drink, discuss, argue, disagree and then eat and drink way more, and still feel like a merry band of blogging, anyway.

So, to make a long story short (I know, too late) the next time you get a chance to meet a blogger - especially, if she (or, he) is someone you admire, empathize, or even found yourself disagreeing with, from time to time - forget about all the drama and do what I do...I mean, did.

Blog her, hug her and make her feel all creepy!

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