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Tackle It Tuesday: Flying Fearless, Finding My Song and You Know I Should Be Dancing...sort of!

In less than 24 hours, I am about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life - since becoming a mom, anyway - and I’m excited (AND grateful) to have been invited to attend Disney’s Corporate Alliance Meeting in Anaheim, California.

Yes, you heard right, they “asked me” to speak on a panel of mom bloggers about marketing to moms on the web and I am perhaps just as surprised as you are…if not, more. Though, it’s not like I haven’t flown alone…or, across country…to meet, greet, speak and eat with total strangers…alone, before…did I mention that I will be traveling ALONE!?!?

This week’s challenge is HUGE - totally nerve-racking, actually - yep, it’s time to come out from behind the blog and show the “real me!”

I mean, attending BlogHer ‘07 is an experience that I won’t soon forget - unlike, closing the car windows on a rainy day - but, I had a gaggle of beautiful women to hide stand behind with and was too busy totally crushing on a couple of blogging rockstars, you know, the moms who really know how to work-it, to worry about my 5′ 10″ self standing out, too much.

I imagine that many people would say that pulling a bunch of women together - especially, bloggers - and providing them with a beautiful venue, a microphone and “asking them” to share their opinions, is like throwing a dead fish into a crowd of starving cats; you’re going to hear it.


Okay - that may NOT have been the best analogy - but, you get it…right?

Although, motherhood is nothing new (my ancestors have been doing it for years and some have even birthed their babies in the middle of a field, more than once) there are a lot of folks who still don’t understand what it is really like to be a mother. Hell, I’m still learning as I go. And that’s okay. At least, their asking. That’s what this trip is about and why this conference is so important, too.

Yes, I’m going to Chicago at the end of the month…AGAIN…and speaking, as well!

We are way passed the days of comparing recipes and cleaning tips over the garden fence, people and for most women (especially, stay-at-home moms and quasi-dorks, like me) coming into such a professional-looking forum is virgin territory - pardon the pun - my palms are sweaty, my stomach’s a little queasy and I’m breaking out in festering little pustules (you’re welcome!) like you would NOT believe.

Just like the first time, only different.

So, today…I’m tackling a whole bunch of nerves (no, I have NOT gotten over…um…the flying, thing) ignoring a to do list about a bazillion miles long and battling some serious guilt over leaving Garth (not his real name) home with the kids, as mommy goes and plays with the big kids…AGAIN!

But, this time, there’s no hiding.

I’ll be sitting on a stage.  Hopefully, NOT too close to my co-panelists (Jeez, but these women are brilliant and gorgeous…DAMMIT) and looking at about a hundred strangers…looking at me…represent, baby!

“Holy crap, what was I thinking?”

Garth (not his real name) just sat there and listened to me go on…and on (sort of like, now) and then…when, I was finally forced to take a breath…he said the sweetest thing to me.

“Shut up, already!”

[eyes go wide]

“What was that thing…you know…the trick you learned at BlogHer?”

Why, I don’t remember there being a magician, or anything?

“Oh, wait…yeah…I forgot!”

I attended a luncheon with Gail Blanke (I love her column in Real Simple) she is a wonderful motivational speaker, and gorgeous in person as well, DAMMIT, and she referenced an article she’d written (which, I had read and also loved) about finding your song - something that gets you moving - and then singing it.


You know what…I dunno. You know me better than anybody. What song best describes me? My husband Garth (not his real name) thinks that I should definitely stay away from ANYTHING, you know, too disco - although, you know I should be dancing! - and NO Freebird, please!

My life has turned into a major roller coaster - more than usual, I mean - and, though I don’t know where it will all lead to, for now, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

[cue announcer]

“Liz, you’ve just been handed your head on a silver platter…what are you going to do…NOW?”

[brushing bangs out of eyes]

I’m going to Disney Land!

[re-enter, real life]

But, not before running a gazillion errands (that’s way more than a bazillion, btw) including, but NOT limited to, food shopping, after school pick-ups, car pooling drop-offs, printing off a few more business cards (’cause, ya’ never know) and sewing a bunch of Girl Scout badges onto Mini-me’s brownie vest, seeing as she has her first meeting…um…this afternoon!

Wish me luck!

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