Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: You say goulash - but, I say it's gulyas - let's just call it soup!
I never dreamed that motherhood would be me...but, what was I saying?

It's not clothes that make the man, it's totally about the tie Charlie Brown!


My husband Garth (not his real name) works at a bank.  I can't say which one.  Actually, I could.  If I wanted to.  But, I won't.

Because, I'm not very happy with them at the moment and may say something that I will regret, later.

But, I don't work for them; he does.

Right now,, wait...we need him to have this job, more than the satisfaction it would give me to tell them just what exactly I thought of their new and improved way of making sure that Garth (not his real name) spends more time on the road, away from us, selling stuff for them.


He comes home to me and there's very little else I can do.  But, be here.  Waiting.  Listening.  Hoping.  Looking for ways in which, wait...we can make it a little, you know, better.

Unfortunately, they don't leave me much to work with.

"How was your day?"

He'll loosen his tie, shrug his shoulders, ask about mine, instead and I can't help but hesitate, before answering, wondering if I should really tell him, while I try NOT to notice just how gray his hair has gone.

"I see you're wearing one of my favorite ties."

For the of years, every birthday and gift-giving holiday, the kids and I give Garth (not his real name) a new "fun" necktie.

"I felt a little Charlie Brownish, today"

Sympathetic to the fact that Garth (not his real name) HAS to get dressed and all the negative connotations that go along with having to spend the better part of everyday in "a suit."

"Wait until you see what the kids and I are cooking up for Christmas!"

Garth (not his real name) have already agreed that gifts are just for kids - stupid unattainable and totally unreasonable budget quotas, and all - I was trying to come up with something that would help remind him of, wait...who he's really, you know, working for.


Okay, I guess he's thinking of the one we got him last year, with The Grinch, that lights up and plays, "Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas."

"Just wait, you'll love it."

Do you want to know what it is?


Since, he's not allowed to hang pictures on his wall, or keep pictures of us family on his desk, either - nor, does he have the time to read my blog - I thought it would be safe to show you this cool tie I ordered and designed over at with the words "Got Revenue?"

I think it's fun AND totally business appropriate, especially for today's quintessential family guy - who just needs to be reminded, every now and again - GET A LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN!

What, ya' think it's a bit too LOUD?

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