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Learning Curve: Yes, This Company Is Very Smart!

Learningcurve150 I attended the M2Moms Conference in Chicago, last month, and had the pleasure of speaking to more than 250 national and international marketers and brand executives on how moms (like me) are using the internet.

Yes, it was quite overwhelming and I'm still not over it...okay?

Who knew that there are companies out there that really seem to want to know stuff about, you know, stuff we want to know...um, about.


That's okay - I have kids, I know - because, you have enough on your plate (no doubt) already and that is why I want tell you about a company that was kind enough to introduce itself to me.

Have you heard about Learning Curve?

Well, if you are a parent (or, grandparent) of a child age 0-6, Learning Curve is perhaps a company you should get to know.


[cleans off a chair and offers a seat]

For starters, they have ideas for expectant parents and recommendations on age-appropriate toys, learning activities and safety products for children ranging from newborns to kindergarten.

Oh, and they carry a wide range of brands to choose from, including some of our family favorites: Disney Baby, Lamaze and The First Years.

As a mother of four, I feel it safe to say that product safety is a major concern for parents - especially, when the holiday shopping season kicks-off in...GULP...NEXT WEEK!?!? - and restoring our faith in manufacturers and distributors should be at the top of everyone's list, this year.

Learning Curve is doing their part with a Multi-Check Safety System, which includes this closing statement:

"Going forward, the truest measure of our success is and always will be the trust parents place in our products. We are working very hard to preserve and strengthen that trust. And, we hope that you and other parents recognize that our products have been subjected to intense internal scrutiny and testing and are the safer for it."

It's not just about shopping, either.

Their website is chock-full with offers tips and articles on prevalent parenting issues, like potty training your child and transitioning to daycare or preschool, and provides opportunities for moms to join the Learning Curve Mom research team.

Yes, they want YOU!

  • You may have the opportunity to test and help develop new products
  • Take surveys to let us know your expert Mom opinion
  • This is your chance to make a difference in the world of Learning

Learning Curve also provides a portal for moms (and dads) looking for a little sense of community - heck, some of my best friends ARE bloggers - take a few minutes, grab a cup of your favorite hot (or, cold) beverage and check out their Parents Council:

"It's our network of expectant and experienced parents designed to help you get the information you want and need for your child."

There's the Learning Curve Shop, cool kids games and activities and...well...much, much more and to make a long story, short (I know, too late!) this a very smart website that has received our This Full House Stamp of Approval!


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Because, they are taking the time to listen and understand what parents today truly want - or, at least looking for - and that makes Learning Curve worth a click!

[Right now, you can get 25% discount and free shipping on orders of $75 or more at Learning Curve, good through 12/31/07.  Just enter the following code at checkout:  FULLHOUSE]

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