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Monday Mommy Tip: Stop, Drop and Breath!

I used to hate Mondays - well...being that it IS laundry day in This Full House of holey socks, that's a whole LOT of laundry! - but, since the kids seem to have finished tag-teaming each other with the creeping crud, I can FINALLY brush my teeth (you're welcome) and spend a few moments in peace and relative quiet. Seriously, I've got a houseful of people coming on Thursday (read: time to break out the extra folding chairs and "good" toilet paper) and this is about the ONLY time I'm going to get, you know, alone. With you, I mean.... Read more →

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Learning Curve: Yes, This Company Is Very Smart!

I attended the M2Moms Conference in Chicago, last month, and had the pleasure of speaking to more than 250 national and international marketers and brand executives on how moms (like me) are using the internet. Yes, it was quite overwhelming and I'm still not over it...okay? Who knew that there are companies out there that really seem to want to know stuff about, you know, stuff we want to, about. Confused? That's okay - I have kids, I know - because, you have enough on your plate (no doubt) already and that is why I want tell you about... Read more →

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Why I heart Dove...

'Nuf said! [Note: Cross-posted from here, but snagged from and I DO believe that Mattel is on the right track, too!] Read more →

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Picture Perfect Thursday: Kids Gone Wild On Film

Last week, we had family over to help celebrate Thing One's 14th birthday and Thing Two (she's turning 12, next month...ugh!) was feeling a bit out of sorts... ...oh and just so you know, almost 12 is way worse than 13. So, feeling somewhat exasperated my own self - note to self: never, ever drink warm sangria, AGAIN - I willingly handed over the job of recording our happy little event and left her with very explicit instructions. "Here, take the camera...leave the canolis...and go wild!" Then, promptly forgot just how literal-minded these kids can get. Oh, Holy Hannah Montana,... Read more →

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I never dreamed that motherhood would be me...but, what was I saying?

I asked Thing Two to help me figure out what to get for Thing One's birthday - because, you know, they talk to each other - so, after we dropped her and The Boy off at a birthday party, yesterday - for one of Thing One's best friends, who has a brother, who goes to school with The Boy, and invited him, apparently, their house is in need of some testosterone, too - Thing Two, Mini-me and I headed over to Famous Footwear. "I dunno, are you sure?" Yes, the boots are FABULOUS, but I wanted to be sure that... Read more →

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It's not clothes that make the man, it's totally about the tie Charlie Brown!

My husband Garth (not his real name) works at a bank. I can't say which one. Actually, I could. If I wanted to. But, I won't. Because, I'm not very happy with them at the moment and may say something that I will regret, later. But, I don't work for them; he does. Right now,, wait...we need him to have this job, more than the satisfaction it would give me to tell them just what exactly I thought of their new and improved way of making sure that Garth (not his real name) spends more time on the road,... Read more →

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