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TGIBF: Stop, look and listen to how I really DO sound like Julie McCoy!

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and it's funny, you know - not like ha-ha funny, but a weird sort of aha - it just hit me that, even though I'm glad that the week is finally over, it's been really, really quiet.

Shhh, just listen for a minute.


This is The Boy - after finding the courage to "volunteer" to dance in front of a whole bunch of, you know, people - this is what a sigh of relief, looks like.


This is Mini-me - after admitting that I was indeed her mom, REALLY - this is what accepting independence, looks like.


These are my girls - each very different from the other - this is what feeling a genuine sense of pride, looks like.

But, I was thinking.


A dangerous habit for someone with a limited amount of usable cerebral space available, already, I know.

[shrugs shoulders]

It's about time I admitted to myself (as well as the rest of the Internets) that, even though I may grumble at the calendar and growl about how crazy-busy our lives can, you know, get.

[bites lower lip]

I really do enjoy playing the role of...um...well, there's so many to choose from, really, but I guess the best way to describe my current position with the family, at the moment, is...uh...wait...okay, I got it...a plucky cruise director.

Especially, when it seems that there isn't a day that something does NOT go wrong and I'm just trying to make believe that it's, you know, all right.

A motherly version of Love Boat's Julie McCoy, if you will, except - instead of regaling romantic and funny adventures - we're dealing with episodes and story lines that...well, if you're a parent...then, you know.


One minute, life is sweet and then...BOOM...the pipes break and a person can't even flush a toilet without having a backup plan, literally.

[cue:  Julie McCoy]

"Your table is ready, captain and there will be 13 joining you for dinner, tomorrow."

I was filling my husband in about our Thanksgiving plans and - after 17 years of marriage - he IS very well aware of the fact that, you know, I'm the one in charge.

"Okay, just remember to tell me what to do, what to wear and what NOT to say."

I know how it sounds - though, both my father and father-in-law happily admit having freely given up their manhood a long time ago - honestly, I don't believe that these men have ever really learned how to deal with all the noise.

I am so done with running back and forth - between this house, and that house - that I've decided to have Thanksgiving here.

All the time.

[collective sigh of...UGH!]

It's just easier, you know?

"Don't worry, nothing new to report at the moment, just sit back and listen."

As most families (I hope!) we all have our little issues and interacting during the holidays can get a little, you know, sticky.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way...but...um...HEY!...did I mention that my water broke and that The Boy got up and danced?"

Well, that got the room quiet.

"Yes, I even kept the two oldest girls home from school to watch!"

Funny - yes, like in haha - how FAR people's mind can wonder.

"Yes...hahahah...really and they even took pictures."

Suffice it to say, my family has grown accustomed to my...um...funny ways and everyone pretty much forgot about...well...everything else.


Mini-me and The Boy got a chance to decorate the tree.


Putting on all the pretties they collected, or made in school, over the years.


Sharing a quiet moment with the captain and then, they were invited over to my parent's house for a sleep-over for a couple of days....SWEET!

Of course, I never DID get a chance to show the relatives the other pictures - you know, sharing in those quiet little moments - and I guess they figure we could probably use some downtime and that pretty much explains why the older girls and I don't have any plans...at the moment.

[phone rings]

Until now.

"Attention everyone, there's been a slight change of plans...since, the captain has left for work early this morning and is no longer on board...all remaining passengers are invited to prepare for lunch on the Lido Deck!"

Time to put it in neutral - on the ONE day I really didn't plan on getting dressed, in the first place - 'cause I told my family that we will be home for the holidays and now EVERYBODY knows it!

Black Friday, indeed - you guys ain't got nothing on me - so, if you're not doing anything constructive, want to come over and help hide the laundry?

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