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Wordless Wednesday: The Hump Day before Christmas!

Bloggers Unite - When a simple act of kindness means delurking for even a dork, like me!


Bloggers from around the world are performing acts of kindness and today, December 17th - with only 8 more sleeps until Christmas - I am honored to dedicate today's blog post to telling you about Carol for A Cause and, hopefully, share a little of the spirit of giving, with you.

Yes, even YOU - yep, CAN so see you - way in the back, looking all shopped out and blogging in your pajamas!

This is the 3rd year that Marie from Mommy Community is hosting the fundraiser - it started on December 13th and ends on Christmas Day - as we listen to moms and their kids carol for this wonderful cause.

To listen to carols - click here.

You'll be given an opportunity to leave a donation - all proceeds will be given to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - and any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated, I'm sure.


It's easy to do good so please join me - won't you? - because, nice really DOES matter and it IS a small act of kindness, after all!

As an added incentive - not to mention, perhaps saving you from yet another to-do, or two - I'm calling you out (yes, YOU) and ask that you consider leaving your name (or, NOT) and This Full House will donate $1.00 for each comment received on this post, to Carol for a Cause!

There, consider your good deed done for the day!

Because I am a major DORK and my name is NOT Dooce - seriously, the woman would be looking at LEAST a triple-digit donation - I'm leaving comments open until the end of the week and thank you, in advance, for your kindness.

Feel free to pass this along, share it with a blogging friend, or two and consider this OUR chance to show the world that bloggers have heart online and off!

[wipes chocolate from mouth and puckers lips]


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