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It's your birthday, make a mess; it's your birthday, wear a dress!

Excuse my children, please - yes, they LIVE in a barn - but, it's been a whirlwind of celebrations, here at This Full House of horribly wrapped gifts and mis-matched socks, and they've been singing that stupid song many days HAVE they been home, now? Doesn't matter. All I know is, it's like summer vacation...all over again...except, only a bit colder...not to mention, way wetter. Oh, and DAYUM. What's up with all the cruddy weather? We DO live in Jersey, you know? Where's all the flipping snow? "CRAP!" My husband, Garth (not his real name) was off from work ALL WEEK and - since, it is the first time that he's been home for Christmas vacation in, like, WOW, 10 years - just a little winter-like romping would have been, you know, nice. "You won't believe this one?" But, we did get a chance to visit with family -... Read more →

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The Christmas House: More than just a box with pretty lights.

I've been thinking, lately - a dangerous habit, I know - about how my husband Garth (not his real name) and I have started to downsize our family celebrations. Not that they were HUGE, to begin with - if you have kids, then you know - but, our children enjoy spending time with both sets of their grandparents and have looked forward to their birthday dinners out, wherever they choose. Christmastime, however, is a bear. Besides the typical preparations that go along with celebrating a holiday supposedly meant as a time for family and friends - after finding out who is going to be around and wherever that will be, at the time - it always turns out to be a balancing act. As you know, I am NOT very graceful. This year, the grandparents are dealing with some pretty serious health and family issues. Which ones? Both; my parents... Read more →

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Picture Perfect Thursday: Attack of the Smiley Fries

I am NOT a morning person and my husband is...well, let me just tell you...he's like a fluffy little bird happily twittering about in the early morning sunshine - scary, I know - needless to say, we go to great lengths to stay out of each other's way and try not to, you know, talk...too much. "Coffee?" He hands me a hot steaming mug filled with the sweet elixir of life, as I stumble off to the shower. "Herumpfuh." Then, feeds the animals. I mean, the pets. The kids are old enough to fend for themselves, thank you. "Turkey, roast beef or peanut butter?" Also, makes their lunches. "Nope, uh-huh, I don't think so and NO, because you just bought yesterday!" And fields any (and all) of their questions - although, the children have not yet appreciated the fact that, in doing so, their father HAS saved them from encounters... Read more →

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Wordless Wednesday: The Hump Day before Christmas!

To: Garth (not his real name) From: F.B. (wouldn't you like to know) I love you, BUT, dang there's STILL sooooooo much to do and would you even want me this way - see above - HAH, who am I kidding? Okay, BUT, if you'd only just wait - only 6 more sleeps until Christmas - there would be more time and I promise to fit you in! [snicker] Perhaps even twice (no pun intended, MUCH) when ALL the children are off in college, of course. Happy Hump Day, just the same! [Blogtip to: 5 Minutes for Mom and the official Wordless Wednesday HQ] [Did you enjoy this post? Why not subscribe to email updates or the RSS feed.] [Edited to add: Comments WILL REMAIN OPEN until Friday for Bloggers Unite - if you haven't already, won't you consider visiting my post and Delurking for a cause, or for even... Read more →

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Bloggers Unite - When a simple act of kindness means delurking for even a dork, like me!

Bloggers from around the world are performing acts of kindness and today, December 17th - with only 8 more sleeps until Christmas - I am honored to dedicate today's blog post to telling you about Carol for A Cause and, hopefully, share a little of the spirit of giving, with you. Yes, even YOU - yep, CAN so see you - way in the back, looking all shopped out and blogging in your pajamas! This is the 3rd year that Marie from Mommy Community is hosting the fundraiser - it started on December 13th and ends on Christmas Day - as we listen to moms and their kids carol for this wonderful cause. To listen to carols - click here. You'll be given an opportunity to leave a donation - all proceeds will be given to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - and any amount you can donate will... Read more →

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Parenting Tip# 30,910,007: For every action, there is an equal and positive reaction, followed by total hesitation and a little bit of Charlie Daniels, too!

My children are in love with my SIL - you know, the one who DARED Garth (not his real name) to ask me out on a date - and I can't say as I blame them. Wayne (not her real name, either) is a fun-loving and engaging adult that kids can totally relate to and...well...all the things I used to be, before children. Seriously, I've got pictures to prove it - all decked out in gold lame, wickedly high hair and shoulder pads that would make even a line backer look, you know, pretty - and my 23-year-old niece (Wayne's daughter) thought I was cool when she "Yeah, but Aunt Wayne is really awesome and she DOES have a tattoo!" Three of them, actually, and my favorite being the two lips on her rearend that reads kiss my...uh...well, just ask anyone in the family and they'll tell you, my... Read more →

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