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Thursday Thirteen #5: Things You Won't Find Under The Tree

I don't know if it's me - okay, I'm fibbing - but, my kids have taken on an attitude, this year. I know - just act surprised, m'kay. Not the typical surly sort of suckage you'd expect from a child - shuddup! - but, they don't seem to be asking for much, lately and this is the first year that the kids have NOT made a list for Santa! I don't know, if it'll snow, let's just have a cup of, "Are you kidding me!?!" Of course, I'm happy - they're actually seem to be happy they get and... Read more →

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday - Is it any wonder we don't WRITE Christmas cards, anymore?

Okay, everybody smile...wait...uh...very cute, Mini-me...let's try that again, shall we!?!? Okay, everyone...try and catch a snowflake on your, wait...UGH...okay, don't go ANYWHERE! [takes a deep breath] Let's try one with Doofus, the stupid squirrels, already...THREE! [rubs forehead] One...two...three...okay, everybody SMILE...great, you guys...I think this GAAAAAAAH! [Blogtip to: 5 Minutes for Mom and the official Wordless Wednesday HQ] [Did you enjoy this post? Why not subscribe to email updates or the RSS feed.] Read more →

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She gets her looks, and some pretty bad advice, from me!

It's unsettling, really. Like looking into a mirror. Mini-me has my eyes, my hair (poor thing) and my parents often times tell me that my youngest daughter (she's 6) is a mini-version of her mother (hence, her blog name) and yet (judging by the look on her face, pictured above) I believe that she HAS to be the saddest looking kid in the blogosphere, right now. Unlike her mother, the girl absolutely HATES to take a shower - although, walking in the cold wet rain, WITHOUT wearing her hood, IS apparently pure nirvana - and, sadly, Mini-me has also inherited... Read more →

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If the shoe fits, then you're right, I'm mean and it's probably NOT my shoe, anyway.

Yesterday, was Mikulas Day - December 6th is when the Hungarian Santa, or St. Nicholas visits children and leaves his gifts - and the kids were excited to wake up and find their shoes filled with chocolates, candy and a new Christmas mug. "Whoa, you guys ARE sooooo lucky!" Even through the very nasal tone, I recognized it to be my son's voice and waited, along with everyone else, for The Boy to explain, except Mini-me. "Nuh-uh; I got the same stuff, YOU did!" My two oldest girls are 14 and nearly 12 - they have done this before and... Read more →

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Parenting Tip# 29,593,020 - Don't pet the sweaty stuff.

My mother called me during the witching hour, last night - you know, it starts around the time you tell your kids to get ready for bed and suddenly realize that you have somehow become incapable of speaking in complete sentences, or without sounding like a raving shrew - and I think I even manage to end THAT conversation, badly. "Honestly, I don't know WHAT to tell you, just give them each a pair of matching socks and call it a day!" Poor thing. "Ooooookay, then....give everybody a hug for" [click] I don't blame her for hanging up on... Read more →

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A Perfect Post - November '07

One of the reasons I enjoy blogging - besides, the flexible hours and the fringe benefits of hanging out in my pajamas and having unlimited access to the delete button - is the extreme sense of community and random acts of kindness I've seen across the blogosphere, lately. Especially, if you've EVER given me a blogging award - see right sidebar - then, I think some of you bloggers are perhaps the coolest people on earth (albeit, a little crazy in the keyboards) but, I love you anyway! [snicker] So, I'd like to take a moment and share in a... Read more →

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