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Our Dirty Little Secret on a very Super F-Word Tuesday

How many Sears representatives DOES it take to screw a dissatisfied customer...DAMMIT?

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This is an emergency, people - quick, somebody call Ty Pennington - we seem to have a severe laundry backup!

Now, I'm NOT the type of person who likes to complain - heaven knows, my mommy ears are VERY tired already - but, our nearly new dryer broke two weeks ago and it's STILL not fixed DAMMIT!

Did I mention, we've got 6 people living in our house?

Last week, The Boy (he's 9) had a wicked stomach virus and threw up 11 times, on Thursday - I know, my 6-year-old was home sick with a fever and was good enough to count it for me - oh, and...DAMMIT...our nearly new dryer STILL doesn't work!?!?

Not for the lack of trying - we've got the service center on speed dial - but, it seems that reliable customer service is the last thing on Sears' mind.

As far as my family and I are concerned - yes, they ALL know and are just as surprised our new dryer doesn't work - it's time we aired out the dirty laundry and let you know....Sears sucks!

I can't tell you HOW pissed I am, right now....DAMMIT....but, at least I can show you!

[see above photo]

My husband Garth (not his real name) wrote Sears this letter on Saturday:

In January 2007, my wife and I purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer in your [town omitted] NJ K-Mart store.

The dryer broke this year literally on the last day of the warranty - had the machine broken one day later, we would have been out of luck.

How does a $1000 dryer break after 12 months?

Not only did it break, it was the "control panel" which is electronic; its not even a moving part!

Following my call for service, we waited almost a week for an appointment with a technician.  He had to order a new "control panel" and he told us it can take up to two weeks to get the part and then another waiting period to get it installed.

Waiting two to three weeks for a repair to a dryer is an inconvenience and a major expense.  We have six people in our home and I had to use a laundromat for thirty dollars last week and I'll be doing it again this week.

I find it incomprehensible that a firm the size of Sears Holdings does not have repair components for a recent model appliance on the truck or at the local repair center.   

We purposely shopped for a better quality product and we thought Kenmore was the answer, but obviously we were wrong.   This is not an isolated issue for Kenmore either.  We bought our stove at Sears a couple of years ago and it needed a new brain after only a few months too.   

My mother bought all Kenmore appliances as I grew up and nothing else. She raised five kids and worked her machines into the ground, but they always lasted years and made you feel you got your money's worth.  Apparently, that ethic is gone and Kenmore is relying on its reputation to squeeze out more money by using inferior parts in machines selling at premium prices.

I feel cheated and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about my experience.

Guess what?

The part was delivered and replaced by another repairman. within a week.


Me too.

Until, it broke AGAIN.

This time, the buttons on the "newly installed control panel" stick and the dryer starts up...arbitrarily...and will work on "touch up" mode ONLY.

The 1st repairman was back, today - we asked Sears NOT to send the 2nd repairman, who was rude, obnoxious and dismissive toward my insisting that he re-attach the vent and left the repair call with a non-functional dryer - and the dryer is now fixed, sort of.

The repairman unstuck the "touch up" button - not to mention, declared the machine exorcised of all arbitrary behavior- but, the "control panel" is still not lining up, properly.

Sears' response, thus far?

Dear Mr. Garth (not his real name) Thompson,

Thank you for your recent correspondence.  We are always interested in hearing
from our customers, but regret it was this type of situation that prompted
you to contact us.  Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you may
have encountered.

We will contact the Store Coach and will share your concerns.  We do not have a phone number for contact so if you would provide this to us we will forward this to the K-Mart store as well.  They should be contacting you within the next two business days.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  We appreciate your business and
value you as a Sears Holdings customer.  We certainly hope you will continue
to make Sears Holdings your choice for quality and value.


Jerry T.
Sears Holdings Corporation

Did I mention, we are dryer-less, K-Mart is NOT the problem and - since, they don't offer repairs service and YOU do - I really don't see how they (K-Mart) can help?

Unless, the "Store Coach" can help us in catching up with ALL the dirty laundry!

Heads up, Sears - I'm telling my friends, and they'll tell their friends....and so on...and so on - this mommyblogger is SO talking!

Since, you know, Garth (not his real name) doesn't have a blog!

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