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Monday Morning Mommy Hangover

No, I am NOT a morning person but, as long as there's a cup of coffee handed to me within the first few minutes of entering the bathroom with the morning paper...I'm good.

Once I finally do regain the power of speech -- typically, this happens soon after taking a very hot shower -- and after ridding myself of stray facial hair and morning nose...I'm better.

Then, the kids wake up.

This is about the time when -- after careful consideration of the vast amount of demands that will undoubtedly be put upon me physically, mentally and/or emotionally that hasn't already been compromised from the weekend before -- I seriously think about petitioning for a:

"National Go Back To Bed Day!"

Instead, I'm taking Her Bad Mother's Dare of Truthiness and revealing my true, unmade-up self to the world...on my blog...and, in the words of my 12-year-old  daughter:


Go on that annoying "continue reading" thingy...I DARE YOU!


This is me...first thing in this mo'nin' and BEFORE my shower, even!

There's no color-coating the fact that my outlook is NOT a very good one, at the moment.  Notice the puffiness around the lips and mouth, prefaced by frown lines etched into, well, everywhere and (PHEW!) that IS some serious eye-baggage you got there, Momma!

This is what I call a Monday Mommy Hangover - experienced after one two many late nights spent  Twittering with friends and consuming copious amounts of Turkey Hill Banana Split Ice Cream.

You think that's bad, take a look at Mini-Me's portrait of Mommy, this morning posted at This Full House Kids.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the shower soaking my head until my head explodes into the rainbow of prettiness that it really is...after makeup.

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